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Cummings knows deep down he never beat me says Quigley

JASON Quigley has urged Conrad Cummings to stop trying persuade people he beat the Golden Boy puncher when they fought in the amateurs and to let a pro fight between the pair build.

Cumming has always stated a belief he won a Senior Championship semi final that took place on 2013 and was scored 17-14 in favour of the Donegal fighter and recently told Kevin Byrne in the Sun Newspaper that he wanted to avenge that defeat in the pros.

Indeed, the Cyclone Promotions prospect, who hopes to have news of his next fight soon, said he was ready to face his Golden Boy counterpart in the morning.

Speaking to OnTheGrind Boxing this week however, Quigley said his former amateur foe won’t be an immediate pro opponent. The Finn Valley graduate feels the fight is one for the future- and commenting on their past battle he stressed he was the winner.

“Conrad can say what he wants, but deep down in his heart and when he goes to bed at night he knows I beat him in those National Championships,” said Quigley.

“He can say what he wants, he can try and convince people that I didn’t win that fight, but I know I beat him, the judges know I beat him and everyone in the Stadium that night knows I beat him.

“I don’t know what he is getting at calling me out because I have my path and he has his. If the two of us make it down those paths and we meet at the end, not a bother. I have no problem with that fight, but to be honest I think it can be a mega fight down the line if the two of us remain successful walk the paths we are on.

“I have my focus out here in America. I know where I am going and where I want to get to. The only person in my head at the minute is my next opponent.”

Quigley will face his next opponent on Golden Boy show in Los Angeles on July 11 just one day short of his first year anniversary as a pro.

The bout against a yet to be confirmed opponent will be the undefeated 24 year olds seventh in 12 months and he is delighted with how active he has been since signing with Oscar De La Hoya and co.

“This will be my seventh fight in one year and hopefully I can take home another victory and it will be an amazing start to my professional career.

“They will pick out my opponent shortly, but for me i get in the ring and focus on my own game and make sure I am 110 percent ready.

“It is a great card for me to be on. There are going to be a lot of fans there and hopefully I can give a good performance and impress.”



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