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Crowd control! Pete Taylor hopes fans can’t attend McKenna and Davies Golden Contract final

Pete Taylor would be delighted if Tyrone McKenna’s massive Golden Contract final will play out behind closed doors.

The coach seems to believe without a crowd to entertain or fanfare to feed off the finalist will remain game plan focused.

Taylor has always argued the tall for the weight southpaw has the tools and talent to box his way to big wins.

However, the former child actors desire to entertain more often than not takes over – and as a result he negates his advantages in favour of a good old scrap.

Suppressing that desire to go to war could prove difficult enough considering he faces long time verbal sparring partner, Ohara Davies, in the decider.

However, McKenna revealed a lack of a crowd is something Taylor believes will help.

“I would rather fight in front of a crowd than not but Pete Taylor really wants me to fight with no crowd,” McKenna told Irish-boxing.com.

“He sees me in sparring and the way I spar is completely different to the way I fight, so I think he just wants me to listen to his tactics.”

The six foot plus light welter seems to agree, pointing out history suggests he fights better behind closed doors. Yet still the Belfast fighter hopes he gets the chance to beat ‘Two Tanks’ and earn a six figure five fight contract in front in a packed venue.

“I’ve seen it when I was an amateur, even in club shows when there are loads of people there I always fought terribly,” McKenna told Irish-boxing.com.

“I’d get involved too much and its the same as a pro because there are always big crowds going after you.

“When I fought in the All-Ireland’s and there weren’t many people there I used to box brilliant because nobody was there pressuring me, so I think maybe I would box better [with no crowd] but I wouldn’t enjoy it as much because I love the crowd being there and going mental and if you get hurt they drive you on.”

Josh Reid McCabe

Boxing fanatic, part-time writer for the Star newspaper Email mccabejosh3@gmail.com