Comeback Kid Byrne secures shot at World number 25

IRISH lightening didn’t quite come back with a thunderous bang drawing in York Hall on Saturday night, but has already been afforded another break through bout and will be all out to put himself in the title mix come June 26.

Byrne drew with experienced journey man William Warburton in London on Saturday, although he disputes the decision claiming he won the fight, but hasn’t been deterred by the result.

The Dublin welterweight was just happy to get back in the ring and took as many positives as he could from both the result and the performance.

Considering he was absent for over a year and weighted 13 plus stone in January, Byrne told the rounds would be massively beneficial and he thinks the result will fool people into thinking he is shot, thus opening doors to bigger fights.

Indeed the former Wild Card fighter has already secured a fight that could revitalise his career. Byrne has been afforded a shot at Russian prospect David Avanesyan and will trade leather with World number 25 on June 26.

“I am getting straight back in there now. I fight a Russian who is ranked 25 in the World on June 26. Bradley Price was meant to fight him, but I think he didn’t want it. It is a massive opportunity for me and when I think about the fight on Saturday it was exactly what I needed. Going in against a kid with nine ko’s from 19 wins I needed those tough rounds,” he told

Byrne goes into his next bout as an opponent and underdog, but is comfortable with that scenario. The 30 year old knows he has to takes risk if he is to fulfill his title ambitions. There was a ‘have one more go’ narrative before his comeback fight, but Byrne says he is going to solider on even if he is beaten on June 26.

“It is not a do or die fight for me, I am not taking that approach anymore. I am going to keep going until I buckle a title around my waist. If it is by beating this kid and getting a shot great if I have to go another route well then so be it,” he added before reflecting on Saturday’s fight.

“I got a draw, but I won the fight. I won the first two comfortable and I don’t know if I switched off a bit in the third or he just drew me into his fight- and this guy loves a fight. I fell into the trap a bit but won the fourth easy. I think the referee was upset with me for using the elbow a bit and I think he took a point, he must have to score it a draw. He didn’t even give me an official warning?

“I am not too upset with the draw. It isn’t a bad result after a year out. I took on a seasoned tough pro I threw everything at him and fair play he took it. He took some body shots and honestly I think they just spurred him on more. I have to admit I enjoyed being back and fighting again. I think the draw might help me get fights too. No one wanted to have a go with me, I think after they seen the Carson Jones fight, but now they will think I am past it and I might get some bigger fights.”


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