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Coach warns rivals Taylor never gets tired of winning

WINNING never bores the World’s greatest female puncher Katie Taylor warns her father and coach Peter Taylor.

No fewer than 17 major tournament gold medals decorate Taylor’s mantelpiece, The Bray puncher has won five World titles, six European Champions, five EU golds and of course claimed Olympic gold in London 2012.

It is a haul any puncher would be content with, but Taylor is still motivated to win and now has her sights set on finishing top of the podium in the inaugural European Games.

The Olympic champion will be in action when the women’s lightweight division gets underway in Baku’s Crystal Hall on Sunday and her her coach warned her competitors she is not content with her significant lot.

Peter Taylor told reporters: “She just wants to keep on winning championships and this one is important because it’s the first European Games. After that it will be the Rio Olympics. She never gets tired of winning. She wants to be known as the greatest women boxer of all time.

“What I always say is that I’m her father first and her coach second, every time. It is difficult to remain detached. I get as nervous as she does before every fight. Every punch she takes, even in sparring, I feel the pain.

“It’s difficult to watch it at times but I have to remember I am her coach. Fathers tend to be protective of their daughters and keep them from harm but this is the sport she has taken and I’m very proud of her.”


Integral part of the Irish boxing community for over 13 years