Carl Frampton Twitter Q&A Full Transcript

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Yesterday evening Carl Frampton took control of the Showtime Boxing Twitter account to host a short Questions and Answers session ahead of his fight on Saturday in New York with WBA champion Leo Santa Cruz.

Below is the full transcript of the exchanges.

Q: How do you think you can beat Santa Cruz? Can he be knocked out?
A: Anyone can be knocked out, especially if I hit them on the chin, clean, up at featherweight. I believe I can knock out any featherweight in the World if I hit them clean, so yes, Santa Cruz can be knocked out.

Q: Do you see yourself ever stepping up to 130lbs?
A: At some point in my career I might do it, but at the minute I’m a fully fledged featherweight. I’ll tell you what I’ll never do, go back to 122lbs. But 130lbs? Maybe. I haven’t got a lot of height to go much further than that, so that might be the limit unfortunately.

Q: Do you feel that Leo Santa Cruz has taking you lightly when he talks about who he’s fighting after you?
A: I think it’s always important to look to the next fights and potential opponents. But I do believe that Santa Cruz and his team have taken this one lightly. I think that people have got brave after how I performed against Alejandro Gonzalez. I think they’ve taken me lightly but I’ll change his mind after the first round.

Q: Has the extra 4lbs had any unexpected benefits?
A: The real difference is I can eat a bit more, that’s it. I can drink a bit more, my energy levels have been great, and I’m feeling good. Normally making 122lbs, super bantamweight, I don’t even like to speak to people. That’s pretty much the only difference.

Q: Nacho Novo joined Glentoran. Are you worried that he’ll stop Crues winning the league again?
A: Absolutely not. It’s massive, Nacho Novo to Glentoran, it’s nuts. But the Crues are going to be unstoppable this year, they’re going to do the business again, and it’s going to be that way for the foreseeable future.

Q: What has been you’re toughest test to date?
A: Toughest test to date was against Kiko Martinez, number one, the first time. I remember everyone saying that this guy is going to slow down after three or four rounds. I think I went back to the corner and asked Shane ‘it’s the eighth round here mate and he hasn’t slowed down, what’s going on?’ And then I got rid of him in the ninth, but that was a tough fight.

Q: Can we see the Selby fight in Belfast?
A: I think we can see it in Belfast, that’s where it makes more sense. Lee is an amazing fighter, someone who I have respected for a long long long time. A great fighter. But I’m the one who does most of the tickets. I believe that could be done in Belfast, in an arena outdoor, Windsor Park possibly, in Summer next year.

Q: Crusaders to qualify for the Champions League or Paddy Barnes to win Gold at Olympics and then a World Title?
A: I’m going to have to say Paddy Barnes, my good mate, winning Olympic gold. He’s won a couple of bronzes already. The Cries, it would be alright if they qualified, it would be a dream come through for me, but they’re never going to win it. So Paddy to win and bring back a gold medal from the Olympics.

Q: How successful was your amateur career and what advice would you give to a amateur boxer?
A: I had an okay amateur career. I had about 180 amateur fights, probably lost about 30, I don’t know exactly my record. I don’t know what advice I’d give an amateur, go and ask somebody like Paddy Barnes or one of those guys who were much better amateurs than I was. I’ve plenty of advice if you turn professional though.

Q: Who is your favourite US boxer?
A: At the minute I love Terrence Crawford. I think he’s a class act, an amazing fighter. I think soon he’ll be, after Golovkin, pound-for-pound number one in the next couple of years.

Q: Do you think the crowd will be pro-Frampton and feel like Belfast and how do you think Leo will respond to this?
A: I think the crowd will probably be slightly in my favour but Santa Cruz is a big name. The thing is he hasn’t boxed on the East Coast before so that might be the difference. I think it’ll be pro me, but to be honest only slightly, it might be pretty even and it’s gonna be a good atmosphere no matter what.

Q: How are you bettering your training camp for this fight over the camp against Gonzales Jr?
A: I’ve just come out earlier. I’ve got used to the heat, I’ve got used to the time difference. I’ve spent more time in New York and that’s it. If I’m being honest I took Gonzalez lightly which no professional fighter should ever do. I made a mistake but obviously I’m not going to do that against a great fighter like Leo Santa Cruz. I’ve learnt from my mistakes and I’m getting ready for a tough fight.

Q: Are you worried about Leo Santa Cruz’s height and reach advantage?
A: No. I’ve been up against bigger guys my whole career since I was a baby. Seven years old when I started fighting and everyone’s always been bigger than me so no I’m not worried about it

Q: The bookies have you at 9/2 to win by KO. Worth a punt?
A: Put your house on it mate.

Q: How good of a trainer is Shane?
A: He’s one of the best in the World, and I’ve been saying it for a long time. He’s still only a pup, so watch this space, everyone will be trying to team up with him – but I’m the priority, remember that David Haye.

Q: How has been working with the young prospect Jerobe Santana in this training camp?
A: It’s been great. Jerobe Santana is a fighter for the future. I feel like if he was in the UK or the US, everyone would already know about him. He’s a fantastic fighter, and could be one of the best lightweights in the World, I honestly believe that.

Q: Who has hit you the hardest in a professional fight? (not sparring)
A: The person who has hit me the hardest was a guy in about my twelfth fight. A guy called Raul Hirales, Mexican kid, and he could punch a bit and I walked on to a silly shot and I definitely felt it.

Q: Will you fight again in 2016?
A: I hope so. I’d like to go back to Belfast. I haven’t had a Christmas off in a long long time so I’d like to get a fight in December and then take Christmas off and enjoy myself.

Q: Do you think you need to win by KO? Or you think the judges will be fair if it’s close?
A: I think the judges will be fair out here. We’re both Haymon fighters. I’m hoping, and I think, the judges will be fair. But I’m prepared for anything. I’m prepared for a hard fight. I believe I have the power to knock him out if it comes, but I believe the judges will be fair if it goes to points.

Q: How do you typically rehydrate following the weigh in, and will it be any different this time?
A: Just a load of water, electrolytes, carb drinks, a bit of protein as well straight of the scales, no different that anyone else really.

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