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Carl Frampton responds to death threat “clown”

Carl Frampton has hit back at the internet troll who sent a death threat to him and his family.

The two-weight world champion’s wife, Christine, received an unsolicited message on Facebook over the weekend from a user named William Maysey May.


Christine Frampton would post a screengrab of the message on her Twitter, and received widespread support, with the sender being subject to condemnation.

Speaking this morning on BBC Talkback, Frampton addressed the threat, and described how “I just really think it was some clown, probably young, sitting in his mum’s front box room thinking he’s a hard man.”

“A lot of the time people think they can say what they want on social media, which I don’t think should be the case, but it’s not a serious death threat I don’t think.”

“People don’t have the right to make these sort of statements just because they’re on social media”.

“Just because it’s social media, you can’t talk about people’s kids and talk about murdering someone’s family. It’s just not on.

While the Metropolitan Police did enquire for details, Frampton confirmed that he and his wife will not be pursuing the matter further.

The Tigers Bay boxer explained how “we did take it seriously, it was annoying, but we didn’t go to the cops because we know, both me and Christine, that it was just some idiot.”

Known for his huge and fanatical fanbase, Frampton noted how he, generally, receives overwhelmingly supportive messages on social media.

The 30 year old featherweight said that “I don’t get a lot of negative comments, most people are pretty positive towards me.

“Obviously you get the odd one, but I look at some other boxers and some other sports stars and what people are saying to them and some of it is pretty disgraceful.”

“But, again, these people who are giving the abuse are probably the same people who would approach you for a photograph or an autograph on the street.”

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