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Candid Emmet Brennan opens up about ditching the drink

Emmet Brennan is ready to start fighting opponents again after winning a battle against drink and gambling.

The Olympian is set to turn over in 2023 and embark on what he believes will be a title-laden pro career. He begins his new journey alcohol and bet free and confident binning the vices can only help him.

The ever-honest super middleweight, who hasn’t fought since his Olympic exit due to a shoulder injury, revealed both caused him bouts of anxiety and had a negative effect on his life.

Speaking online the mental health advocate, who promises to be a welcome addition to the pro ranks, said:

“This year I gave up two things that have caused me a lot of problems in my adult life Alcohol and gambling Alcohol has always made me feel like crap and anytime I started to make progress with my life alcohol would grab me back into negativity, riddling me with anxiety”

“I have been a gambler since I was 16 and this is something that is easily hidden as no one can see your gambling when you have your head bet into the phone There are bookies on every corner in Dublin and this was extremely harder to give up than alcohol

“I’ve often found myself in the bookies to realise what I’ve done and walk straight out without betting Just under 8 months off alcohol And 3 or 4 months off gambling Without a doubt the best decision I’ve made in my life Clearer mind and less anxiety.”

Speaking to Hotpress in a recent interview he opened up further.

“I drank in the Olympic village every day for the next two weeks,” he said candidly. “No one ever prepares for what’s after the Olympics, when you go home. I was lost. I went to New York in March, and my shoulder wasn’t recovering. My mother and my sister came to visit, and I turned up drunk.

“I realised that alcohol was a problem for me again, and promised myself I was going to give it up, which has been the best thing I’ve done in my life. I’ve just been so productive. The shoulder is healing, I’m about to start a professional career, opening two businesses and training, passing on my boxing skills to the kids in this club. Definitely, quitting alcohol has just shone a new light on my life. I’m proud of it.”

Brennan is set to ditch the vest soon, speaking to Irish-boxing.com last year he revealed he has fast-track ambitions and wants to fight for an Irish title as soon as possible. The 31-year-old, who takes huge inspiration from Dennis Hogan and Eric Donovan’s twilight success, also plans to become the main Irish name in New York and is hoping to team up with John Duddy stateside.


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