Built to withstand – Craig ‘Built2Last’ McCarthy completes comeback tomorrow

The fighter they call ‘Built2Last’ proves he is made of tougher stuff than most when he takes to the ring in Scotland tomorrow.

The sky came crashing down around Craig McCarthy’s Sky Sports dream last time out as he was caught and stung early by Bradley ‘Sting’ Rae.

Even worse than being stopped before the fight could get going, McCarthy suffered a leg break so severe it threatened to end his career.

Indeed, Doctors told him his boxing innings was over and that he would be able to even train or run again.

Retirement beckoned – but the Diese fighter is, as his ring moniker suggests, Built2Last or at the very least built to withstand difficult times and he has bounced back to the point where he makes what previously looked like a very unlikely return to the ring this weekend.

“The docs said I’d never train in boxing or run a 10k again never mind fight. The break was so bad they had to take one inch of bone out of my leg as it was useless to me,” he tells Irish-boxing.com.

Things were so bad that The Deise middle had decided to hang them before his brother lit a fire under him.

“At one point I was 100 % going to retire. It just felt right at that point but then my brother – who now advises my career sat me down and had a chat with me. Now here we are with a real fire burning.”

It turns out the former Irish super middleweight title challenger needed that fire to get through a road to recovery that was full of tough terrain.

“The comeback trial and training have been very challenging and unbelievably painful to tell the truth. My leg is completely numb and I had to completely change everything boxing and training-wise.

“It’s just amazing to be back. I’ve a passion burning bright inside of me so let’s see it out and enjoy this ride.”

There is a let ‘a see how this weekend and his fight with Seamus Devlin on the Kynoch show in Scotland play out feel to the returning Munster man’s comeback.

McCarthy, who is scheduled to fight on a big Ring King’s card come April 8, isn’t worried about getting hurt but does want to see will his leg allow him to perform to his best.

“I know I’ve to be switched on. This is just to find out where I’m at with my leg. There is no fear Built2Last has fought 6 rounds with a broken jaw and 8 rounds with a broken wrist a little bit of f**king metal in my leg is no bother to me. But to be honest I’m not overlooking this fight to even think about Ring Kings. Let’s just see how the leg is.”

That live-for-now approach also means he is ignoring Limerick man Graham McCormack’s callouts for the time being.

“Everything is just a process and I for one have to try my best to keep it in the now. So, as for me and Mccormack, he is making a lot of noise about me. I’d just say : sound for the shout out bro but I’m busy trying to secure a win and make a successful comeback. Now is all I know the future is a mystery.”

The ever-positive 160lbs fighter also tipped his hat to his loyal following, suggesting a fan base he is very close to helped his recovery.

“It’s a togetherness in Waterford. Me and my fans were all just one and I’m just doing my part for us on the journey. Nothing goes unnoticed either way. The messages I get would make you stop and reflect. You realise what you are doing to improve can impact on someone else’s life journey. I’m just full of gratitude for them.”


Integral part of the Irish boxing community for over 13 years