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British Boxing Board of Control hit Paddy Barnes opponent where it hurts

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Stefan Slavchev is paying a heavy price for some not so heavy lifting in Belfast last Saturday.

The Bulgarian journeyman bizarrely lifted three-time Olympian Paddy Barnes up on his shoulder in the fourth round of their flyweight clash, leading to referee Hugh Russell Jr disqualifying him.

Slavchev had engaged in plenty of underhand and negative tactics throughout the bout, although the fireman’s lift seemed to be more tomfoolery than anything.

The mad move didn’t quite upset Barnes, the double Olympic bronze medal winner was more frustrated that his first win came via DQ and it put a dampener on a unique occasion for the Ardoyne star.

It won’t prove much solace to the popular flyweight and world title hopeful, but the British Boxing Board of Control have withheld an undisclosed amount, thought to be £500, of his purse as a form of punishment.

Photo Credit: Michael Hooley


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