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‘Bring Your Pillow’ – Confident Joe Law Says he Would Sleep ‘Cocky’ Stevie McKenna

Joe Laws got in as many insults as possible, as he took his pursuit of a Stevie McKenna fight to the next level.

The Newcastle native name-dropped the Monaghan favourite after his fight with Willie Limond – who unfortunately passed away in recent days – fell through.

‘The Hitman”s response was to let it be known he’d be more than happy to lay down the law on Laws, which in turn prompted some vicious verbal sparring.

The pair have been going back and forth with some below-the-belt and close-to-the-bone jibes over the last week – and Laws upped the ante when he let the knockout-loving Smithborough native have it both barrels after contacting Irish-boxing.com.

“I don’t know him personally but he seems like a cocky goofy ball bag on telly, so it’s time to give him a bit of his own medicine,” Laws said when asked where the beef originates from.

The’Benwell Bomber’ doesn’t just want to beat up the older of the two Hennessy-promoted boxing brothers, he is very confident he would defeat him.

The 29-year-old says he would stop McKenna early if given the chance. He argues the entertaining Irish fighter has been afforded the chance to be a flat-track bully so far in his career, and claims that would stop if they shared the squared circle.

“He’s game as they come and will stand and trade, a big mistake with me. He hasn’t been tested yet. I’m not like any other person he’s fought I ain’t scared of him and I’m gonna knock him out.

“I’d banjo him the first half of the fight. He’s very wild and leaves himself open, so I’m very very very confident I’d knock him out.,” he adds before trebling down on his knockout prediction.

“I can’t express how confident I am. He’d do f**k all to me or with me,” he continues before sending a personal message the way of McKenna.

“See you soon goofball, bring your pillow because you’re getting slept”

Laws says both teams want the fight and although there hasn’t been an approach, he suggests Sky Sport and thus Boxxer is the perfect platform for it.

McKenna has a working relationship with both and Laws claims he is owed by both after he upset Mick Hennessy Jr late last year.

“My side wants it and his side wants it. Sky Sports owes me a shot after I smashed their boy last time so let’s get it on. The build-up will be sick and the fight will be better,” he continued before suggesting he wanted to fight before he heads to Croatia in late June.

“There’s a big Sky show on June 15, let’s go on there, sell the show out.”

Irish-boxing.com understands McKenna is more than keen to fight and is hopeful it will happen next.

Laws provides McKenna with the chance to add a known name to his record and inject further momentum into his career – and the verbals, although close to the bone at times, will only serve to generate more interest in the fight.


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