Breen keen on Murray win

4 June 2011 – Jonny Stapleton

Andy Murrays six week stint in the west will ensure he shoots down Gavin Rees and plunders European lightweight gold in Cardiff tomorrow night.

Murray upped sticks to a remote location in Connemara to prepare for the biggest fight of his life against the former world champion and Prizefighter winner. And coach, John Breen, who admits he was initially sceptical about employing a pre fight training camp, claims his fighter has benefited immensely. Breen, who also trains recent world title challenger Paul McCloskey, stressed he has never seen the former EU champion in better shape and is adamant Murray win in the tussle for the vacant EBU lightweight title.

The Irish Trainer of the Year for 2009 warned Rees that his charge is sensationally fit, focused and fully schooled in the art of beating the Welsh fighter.

Andy is in the best shape of his life. I was sceptical at first, but Andy has got a lot out of his trip to Connemara, Breen told Mirror Sport. I have never seen Andy tired and he is generally very fit but after this camp he is super fit. Rees has been saying he is good shape too, but believe me Andy will still be throwing punches well after Rees tires. Andy has the beating of him. He has worked hard to get here and deserves his shot. He will win.

Breen does admit Rock Rees represents the Quiet Mans hardest career challenge, but believes he has seen chinks in the come forward fighters armour. The Belfast trainer has told the undefeated 26 year old to beat the fight out of the 31 year old by pummelling his body.

We know what to expect from Rees. He is a good pro, a former world champ and he is the best fighter Andy has faced. But his best is behind him and Andy will have to much for him. Andy will punch and move and fight behind his jab. We will also target the body. Rees doesnt like body shots and Andy will slow him down by going down stairs.

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