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Boxing Fans Love OddsMarket: Here Are A Few Reasons Why!


It is an exciting time to be an Irish boxing fan as the country is blessed with a wide range of established and emerging stars. Ryan Burnett exploded onto the world scene last year, securing the world bantamweight title and then unifying the division. Olympic gold medallist Katie Taylor is also a WBA world champion, and she has been racking up a number of comprehensive victories. Carl Frampton, a former world champion at different weights, continues to excite, as does middleweight veteran Andy Lee.

James Tennyson, Jason Quigley, Dennis Hogan, TJ Doheny, Spike O’Sullivan, Jamie Conlan, Michael Conlan, Darragh Foley, Conrad Cummings, Paddy Barnes, Jono Carroll and many more are enjoying strong careers and the future looks bright for all of them. Then there is always the prospect of Conor McGregor returning to the ring to great fanfare and a colossal paycheque. Many fans like to have an interest in fights when their countrymen are in action, and boxing is one of the most popular sports for betting. However, there is a dearth of information out there, so a site called OddsMarket has been created to fill that gap.


OddsMarket is a new site that is packed full of data on a wide range of sports, from football and tennis to rugby and cricket, with plenty of odds and coverage on boxing. You will find previews of upcoming fights, weekly articles offering tips and many more insightful pieces. You can catch up on how boxing’s biggest stars are performing, what the big upcoming bouts are and who is likely to secure victory.

It boasts a unique data aggregation system

A key point of difference and a huge strength for OddsMarket is its unique data aggregation system, which employs cutting edge technology to mine a range of information from across the web and pull it all together in a compelling, easy to navigate format. You can compare the various different odds being offered by a wide range of bookmakers that offer markets on an upcoming fight, and choose the best prices to ensure your winning margins are as high as possible. It also provides reviews of betting sites, shining a light on reputable bookies and warning you about ones that have a history of dishonesty and trickery. OddsMarket is constantly mining historical data, and the longer it is in operation, the more useful it will get as more information becomes available, so it should be a key tool in your arsenal for years to come.


You can analyse who is likely to win

If you are an Irish boxing fan, but you have little interest in betting, OddsMarket can still prove to be an intriguing and pleasurable read, as it allows you to gauge what the expert oddsmakers and the leading tipsters think about a fighter’s chances of success in the weeks and months ahead. It offers videos, feature length articles and statistical trends laid out in easy to understand language, allowing you to quickly get abreast of the latest sporting developments.


It is customisable and easy to navigate

You can make several choices when using the site to give yourself a personalised experience. You can create an account, select your region, the format of the information you prefer, the bookmakers you want to see first, the sports you like and the ones you are not interested in, ending up with a tailor-made, customised browsing experience.

There are great tools at your disposal

The range of beneficial features on the site includes:


Sports calendar

The site comes with a lively and in-depth calendar tool, which ensures that you never stay up to date with all the biggest sporting events in the world. This is also customisable: you can filter it by sport, country and competition, allowing you to gain relevant and interesting information on an ongoing basis.

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