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Bigger Birthday Boy Jay Byrne warns Paddy Gallagher against underestimating him

Jay Byrne [7(2)-5(1)] has warned Paddy Gallagher that what he perceivebly lacks in skill he makes up for in heart, determination, and, in this particular case, size.

Byrne and Gallagher [13(8)-4(0)] go to battle on the ‘Danger at the Docks’ card in Belfast tomorrow [Friday] night for the right to be called BUI Celtic light middleweight champion and, for the most part, the pair have been courteous and respectful in the build up.

Indeed, the ever-jovial Gallagher presented his foe with a birthday cake post their weigh-in this afternoon.

However, over the last few days, ‘The Pat Man’ has confidently predicted a victory, claiming ‘The Negotiator’ is ‘limited’ and made for the Belfast man’s style.

As ever, the say-it-as-it-is Byrne admitted his boxing background doesn’t match up that of the opposition in his fourth title fight, particularly in terms of their amateur history.

The match-up pits a Commonwealth gold medalist, who defeated new super middleweight champ Callum Smith in his final, against a fighter who took up the sport in his 20s and entered the professional ranks via the intermediate amateur and semi-pro scene.

However, the defiant Byrne is adamant he is constantly improving and brings more to the table than Gallagher is aware of.

It’s not quite the skill against will argument, although Byrne does hint in that direction. The Dub, however, was a little more specific and believes he will be the much bigger man on the night, stressing there are a few ways he can make that an advantage.

“Regarding Paddy;s comments to me being ‘limited;, I suppose to a man that has beaten Callum Smith to a Commonwealth gold and had a really good pro career he is probably correct,” Byrne admitted to Irish-Boxing.com.

“When he was winning that medal I had not laced a glove but, in everything I’ve set my mind to in life, I’ve been very successful and I am quick learner. I’m improving all the time,” he told added before planting the size seed.

“I feel great, I was on weight Tuesday evening and went home and had a nice snack. I was was eating and drinking all the way up to the weigh-in.”

“Sparring went very well in camp and I’ve improved again throughout the camp. Everyone is expecting a war and it does have that written all over it but who’s to say I won’t try use my reach and natural size to box Paddy at range?”

“Who says I won’t use my size and strength to bully him? I may be limited in boxing skills but I know alot of guys who have beaten highly skilled guys in the pro game. They’ve ground them down and beaten them up so let’s just see what happens Friday.”

Byrne has never been one to turn down a challenge and has done things a bit differently. He has received good pay days boxing in the away corner on Sky Sports but claims the chance to cause a major upset rather than the finacial gain were the reasons behind taking those fights.

He knows he is underdog going into the Titanic Exhibition Centre-hosted fight night, a 4/1 underdog, but is again confident he can cause an upset and spoil Gallagher’s British title plans.

“I’m the underdog with nothing too lose. From what I read and it’s only a get back to winning ways fight for Paddy before he goes after his British title. I’ll go in there and do what we’ve worked on and who knows I could throw a spanner in them plans.”

“Look, a tough night’s work lays ahead but sure it’s away corner again so I am used to it by now. Everyone knows I don’t leave any stone unturned and I always turn up with the belief I can win.”

Once Byrne’s fighting duties are done, he will head back to Dublin to resume his role as a fight manager. The Loughlinstown puncher will be at the ‘Rise Again’ card in Tallaght in support of Martin Wall and Eddie Treacy, two debutants he manages – and spars.

“I will then to Dublin Saturday and sit ringside to cheer on my two boys as they begin their journey.”


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