The Big Interview: Spike: I am the man to stop GGG

Cathal Jennings caught up with Irish middleweight Gary Spike O Sullivan this week. See what the Cork man they call ‘Spike’ has to say about his move to America, the Eubank’s and how he think’s he can be the man to stop Gennady Golovkin.

Cathal Jennings: How do you feel about your move to America?

GARY SPIKE O SULLIVAN: I am excited about it.

CJ: How do you think the move will benefit your career?

GARY SPIKE O SULLIVAN: Ill be more active which can only improve my sharpness and everything else.

CJ: You fought in Dublin recently, when you fought Fitzgerald. What was it like being in your home country and still getting booed?

GARY SPIKE O SULLIVAN: Well it was his home town and there’s a massive rivalry between the two city’s Cork and Dublin I left the ring to applause which was sweet.

CJ: Matthew Macklin has decided to continue boxing would you still like to fight him?

GARY SPIKE O SULLIVAN: I wouldn’t mind but I reckon there’s definitely bigger fight’s out there for me.

CJ: What do you think of the middleweight scene at the moment?

GARY SPIKE O SULLIVAN: It is really good and having an Irish world champion is great, maybe Hassan N-Dam might soon become champ as well and his manager is a Cork man so it’s good for me, it will probably easier to get a shot at it.

CJ: Do you think it’s time that the sanctioning bodies start to consider giving you a title shot?

GARY SPIKE O SULLIVAN: Well I need to be ranked and hopefully that will happen really soon and then I hope to be considered because I certainly believe I have the ability in every way to be a great champion.

CJ: What do you think of the Eubank’s and how they go about things.

GARY SPIKE O SULLIVAN: I think the two of them are absolute clown’s.

CJ: The big story in boxing now is Mayweather v Pacquiao and the will they won’t they situation, what do you think of it and who do you think would win should the fight be made?

GARY SPIKE O SULLIVAN: I think Mayweather wins now, might have been a different outcome a few year’s back ‘Pac Man’ has harder fights/wars I hope pac man wins I think it will happen.

CJ: What do you think of Gennady Golovkin would you like to fight him?

GARY SPIKE O SULLIVAN: I think he’s a great ambassador for boxing and a great champion as well, as for me I’d love to fight him. I think I’m the man to KO him, he’s there to be hit and if I land cleanly that’s it for anybody.

CJ: Who would you like your next opponent to be?

GARY SPIKE O SULLIVAN: I’d love to get in there with GGG (Gennady Golovkin).

CJ: Would you consider fighting Andy Lee with the title on the line, it would be huge for Irish boxing?

GARY SPIKE O SULLIVAN: Absolutely I’d love that Andy is a great guy inside and outside the ring. I know him well and I think the world of him but there’s no friends in the ring I would gladly KO him take his belt pick him up and bring him for a drink.

CJ: You have fought Billy Joe Saunder’s how do you rate him?

GARY SPIKE O SULLIVAN: BJS he’s a very good boxer, very quick he has an unusual style and good footwork he’s a difficult guy to box and he’s a top bloke I’ve become really good friends with BJS.

CJ: Do you think you can emulate our fellow Irishman Steve Collins?

GARY SPIKE O SULLIVAN: Yes I think I can, absolutely 100%.

CJ: Do you think with your move to America you could fight for a world title before the end of 2015?

GARY SPIKE O SULLIVAN: Yes very good chance I reckon Ken Casey is going to get right behind me promotion wise and with his and my trainer/manager Paschal Collins’ help I’ve no doubt I can get a shot in 2015.

CJ: How much would you love to fight for a world title in front of your hometown fans in Cork?

GARY SPIKE O SULLIVAN: It would simply be a dream come true.


Integral part of the Irish boxing community for over 13 years