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Big changes for Lynn Harvey ahead of big opportunity

Lent is a long way off, but Lynn Harvey [4(3)-1(0)] has given up chocolate.

The flyweight is so determined to reach her 2017 European title goal that she has made big changes in a bid to make a big impact.

Most recently Harvey has brought on board a strength coach to help bring her to the next level.

The Kilbarrack fighter explained to Irish-Boxing.com that “I’ve been saying to Tommy [McCormack, trainer] the past while that I need a strength coach.”

“I need someone to stand over me and make I do it and make sure I’m doing it correctly. It’s my least favourite aspect of training so i know I wont push myself to the max if I’m working alone at the gym.”

“So tommy got onto Niall Byrne, my cutman, whose friend John T. Kenny is a very well respected strength coach in Raheny so he put us on touch.”

The link up is going well, and Harvey is already feeling the difference. She outlined how “I began training with John last week. There’s lots of postural stuff he is working on correcting along with mobility and flexibility which is very new to me as well as strength and conditioning.”

“The sessions are tough, I’m doing stuff with my body I’ve never done and some parts are very uncomfortable – JT’s motto is ‘get comfortable being uncomfortable.'”

“I’m not going to lie, I do be in bits, but I know its time to step things up..all the top athletes are doing this work. I wont fall short at any mark, this included.if you cut corners you will get found out eventually.”

“I’m still in close contact with John Connor from the Irish Strength Institute who has been amazing since I went pro. Anytime I’ve needed advice on anything from sleep to weight I’ve only had to text him and he will have me an appointment with him within 48 hours. He will be sitting down with my new strength coach and discussing what’s being done with me and what they think could be improved going forward.”

“Both trainers speak very highly of each other and both just want me to succeed which is very flattering and humbling.”

The new link-up also entails a lifestyle change, and Harvey jokes how “as a former chocoholic and I gave up chocolate about two weeks ago. I went through major withdrawals, three days of migraine, insomnia, emotions.and dizziness. My abs are so sore I can’t even laugh – but it’ll all be worth it, wait and see.

Harvey’s chief coach hit the headlines recently, linking up with Conor McGregor in Las Vegas ahead of the mega money clash with Floyd Mayweather. McCormack will wrap the hands of ‘The Notorious’ and act as cutman, but it doesn’t mean that Harvey will take a back seat.

The Hunter outlined how “although my coach tommy is away with McGregor, he’s still looking after me from Vegas, sorting out sponsorship ideas we have and setting up future fights to be announced soon.”

“He’s been in contact with my new strength coach also and is happy with the plan put in place.”

“Eddie Hyland has been looking after me in the club while Tommy is away hes certainly putting me through my paces.”

“My cutman Niall is looking after me also. There’s a sparring camp coming up next month and Niall is coming with me to do my corner. Then I do my cardio and swimming at Gym Plus Swords who kindly sponsor me.”

I’m very blessed and very well looked after.”

It’s a lot of investment and dedication for the five-fight pro, and Harvey hints that it’s all for good reason and that there will be big news soon.

The Dubliner noted that “people are probably wondering why I’m stepping things up and training like a carthorse… if all goes to plan they will see just why I am.”

Photo Credit: Laszlo Geczo

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