Avalos: If Frampton doesn’t run like a fairy we will have a War I will win by stoppage

CHRIS Avalos has labelled Carl Frampton the ‘Running Man’ and not because he believes the World champion is Arnold Schwarzenegger ripped.

The American believes claims Frampton is a back foot fighter, who avoids exchanges and trouble.

If Avalos has studied Frampton it is a strange conclusion to come to, but regardless he seems to be trying to goad ‘The Jackal’ into a war- and if the Shane McGuigan trainer obliges ‘The Hitman’ promises Belfast fight fans will witness a great fight, but one that will end in an away stoppage.

“The fans can expect a great fight. They will get a war if Frampton stands and fights and doesn’t run the way he likes to run,” Avalos said.

“Hopefully he will not stand off and run around like a little fairy. But we will have to wait and see.”

Frampton has responded to Avalos’ constant taunts by pointing out he beat a World class operator in Kiko Martinez, whilst the Californian has come short against a fighter Martinez beat up.

However, Avalos is adamant he is a much better operator than the Spaniard.

“I have as many knockouts as Frampton has had fights – I am his toughest opponent to date,” the Californian added.

“Martinez was good but he was over the hill a little bit, and no disrespect to Martinez but he was dealing with other things.I see myself as a stronger opponent than Martinez and I will win, that’s what I predict.

“I see a stoppage unless he runs about like a little fairy.

“Unlike Martinez I am not going to follow Frampton around the ring, and I have a few tricks up my sleeve, so I will be fine.”


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