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Arum tells Conlan to get ready for Sugar Ray treatment

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Famed promoter Bob Arum claims Michael Conlan won’t be wrapped in cotton wool and told the Belfast man to ready himself for the Sugar Ray Leonard treatment.

The Top Rank boss bemoaned the fact that fighters are in the ring ’15 years’ before they are in a meaningful fight and regaled how within four the legend that is Sugar Ray Leonard had become World champion and been in legendary fights with the likes of Roberto Duran and Tommy Hearns.

Conlan hasn’t been rushed aggressively  in terms of opponents, but topped a bill in his debut and has already got three six rounders under his belt and his promoter suggests he won’t be long about competing in big fights.

“That is the advantage of having an old promoter because I remember in the 70’s Sugar Ray Leonard won Olympic Gold in 76, by 77 he had turned pro and by the end of 79 he had won a World title,” Arum said.

“He beat a great fighter in Wilfred Benitez and fought a great fighter in Roberto Duran soon after. When Ray and Tommy Hearns fought they were just four years out of the amateurs, so the idea you wait 15 years like they do today for a significant fight is ridiculous before Mick knows it he will stepping up to fight eight and tens.”

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