Amir:McCloskey Khan beat Prescott but it won’t get him a rematch

June 26

AMIR KHAN has backed Paul McCloskey to suceed were he failed and defeat Breidis Prescott in The Odyssey Arena on September 10.

However, the WBA Super Champ was keen to stress if Dudey does win the battle of his former foes it proves the Belfast man is superior to the Columbian and not Khan.

Despite claims to the contrary from Team Dudey the Wild Card fighter believes McCloskey, who he controversially defeated back in April, took the fight in bid to secure a Khan return.

The Golden Boy fighter, who impressively defeated Zab Judah in Las Vegas last Saturday night, also claims neither Prescott or the Derry stylist would defeat another of his former foe’s Marco Maidana.

“I think it is a good fight,” said Khan “I think McCloskey will beat Prescott but that just means he is a better fighter than Prescott. I think he will beat Prescott quiet easily and I think he is taking the fight to get to me. I heard it is an eliminator but he has to beat WBA champion Maidana to get to me because I am the super champion. I don’t think either of them would beat Maidana anyway.”

Khan previously claimed the pairs England Ireland WBA World title fight was rightly stopped in the MEN Arena back in April but has since changed his mind.

The Freddie Roach trained world champ now claims the referee should have let the fight proceed despite the cut to Dudey’s forehead.

The reigning champ, who last weekend lavished Judah with impressive blows, took time to get in a verbal dig on McCloskey stressing the Derry man failed to protest enough when the referee was on the verge of dramatic intervention.

“I’d have finished that fight quite differently if it was up to me,” Khan added. “If I was the referee I’d have let the fight continue.

“But even if I was Paul McCloskey I would have tried to force the ref to let the fight continue. It seemed to me when the ref was having a look at him and calling the doctor in that McCloskey was just quiet. If that was me I’d have been saying ‘I’m fine, I’m fine’.”





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