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AIBA promise to punish Conlan for post-fight actions

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Controversial AIBA president Dr. Ching-kuo Wu has promised disciplinary action for Ireland’s Mick Conlan.

Conlan was ridiculously adjudged to have lost his bantamweight quarter final to Russian Vladimir Nikitin last week and afterwards gave the middle finger to the judges and labelled the AIBA “f*cking cheats.”

Dr Wu, who hails from the boxing stronghold of Taiwan, has been accused by some of ruining traditional amateur boxing as he seeks to glamourise, monetise, and professionalise the sport. World champion Conlan was seen beforehand as one of the AIBA poster boys and his fury certainly did not go unnoticed

The Asian official spoke to the Associated Press and crticised Conlan, saying his post fight behaviour was “totally unacceptable.”

“He immediately showed his finger to the referee-judges.”

“You cannot humiliate people. They are officials.”

“He put himself in a difficult position, I can tell you.”

“If you are not happy about the result, you cannot humiliate in public our referee-judges. You should show proper behavior.”

While Conlan has promised never to box under the AIBA banner again, and looks likely to turn professional very soon, he also looks likely to be hit with punishment from an embarrassed governing body, with Wu revealing “a lot of disciplinary action will follow.”

“That has already drawn a lot of people’s attention who want to punish him, so we are going to have a disciplinary commission for the case.”

While Wu denies corruption, he admits that the farcical decision will help lead to an overhaul of the scoring system, noting that “since that happened, we want to totally review our system, how to improve in our mind.”

“Maybe five judges will score all fights, and all scores will be open. No more computer selection.”

“I proposed these changes to our referee-judge management. We look at five and select three by computer, only showing.

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