A Beginners Guide To Betting On Boxing

Anthony Joshua steps into the ring with Oleksandr Usyk late next month and if the British fighter comes out on top, we could be set to witness the long-awaited bout with Tyson Fury that the world has been waiting to see. The fight has yet to be confirmed and Fury looks set to first to conclude his trilogy against Deontay Wilder. With so many box office fights in the pipeline, now seems like the perfect time to take a look at how to bet on boxing online, including the various betting options that you can choose from and which bookies to place your bets with.

First, let’s take a look at some of the most popular and common boxing betting markets.

Outright Winner

This is the simplest and most popular betting market in boxing and when you are backing one fighter to beat the other. There is often a heavy favourite in boxing which often means that the odds on the favourite are very short. This can make this market somewhat unappealing at times but if you fancy the underdog to cause an upset, which often does happen, you can get very attractive odds. Whenever backing the underdog in a fight, we always recommend shopping around for the best odds at multiple bookmakers because as the odds get longer, the difference in them between bookies can also.

Winning Method

If you think that it’s likely a fighter will win by a certain method then this market may appeal to you. You can choose from the fight to be won by Decision or by KO, TKO or DQ. KO, TKO or DQ are usually grouped into one bet and the majority of bookmakers also allow you to choose which fighter will win by your chosen method. 

For example, you could back Tyson Fury to win the fight by Decision against Deontay Wilder.

Round Betting

The round betting market is a tough betting market to call as you are betting on a fighter to win in a specific round. Because of the multiple possible outcomes in this market, you can often get very attractive odds which makes this market so appealing to punters. 

Total Rounds

With the total rounds market, you are betting on how many rounds the fight will last for. It doesn’t matter which fighter wins the bout, just the number of rounds it lasts. You can often bet on over/under in this market. For example, the fight to last Over 8.5 rounds which would come in if the fight lasted 9 or more rounds.

Group Rounds

This market is similar to the Total Rounds market except that you are betting on the fight to last between a certain number of rounds. For example, you can bet on the fight being decided between rounds 3-5 or rounds 7-9.

Which Bookmaker To Bet With

So, you may know which bet you want to place but with which bookmaker do you place it with? Does it matter?

The answer is yes.

Not all bookmakers are the same and choosing the right bookie to place your boxing bets with can make a huge difference to your overall returns and whether or not you make a profit in the long term.


The bigger the odds, the bigger your returns. Not all bookies offer the same odds and so it’s logical to place your bets with the ones offering the greatest odds. This is why it is often a good idea to have accounts open with multiple bookmakers so that you can compare the odds when you have chosen a bet and place it with the bookie offering the greatest returns.

Betting Offers

Bookies tend to release more betting offers around the time of big sporting events and you can be sure that there will be a host of offers available should Fury and Joshua eventually step into the ring together.

Free bets are the most common type of betting offer which you will generally be given when placing a bet. Free bets can give you an additional chance of making a profit by allowing you to place additional bets using them.

Enhanced odds are also common with boxing. Some bookmakers will offer bigger odds than normal on certain bets which can result in greater returns if they win.

Lastly, some bookies offer refunds on losing bets. The refunds can either be credited as cash or free bets but either way, they usually have value and worth taking advantage of. 


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