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McCaskill may have talked herself into trouble suggests Taylor’s promoter

The Katie Taylor related noise made by Jessica McCaskill seen her rewarded with  a shot at the Irish sensations WBA Lightweight title, but that same noise may also lead down a path of serious punishment suggests promoter Eddie Hearn.

With a little help from her coach the highly ranked American puncher basically talked herself into a shot at Taylor’s belt.

However, while the tactic might reap dividends in terms of financial reward it may just back fire when McCaskill steps through the ropes if the Matchroom boss is to be believed.


While the Bray native hasn’t responded verbally to some of the things the confident challenger has said Hearn has hinted the Champion has taken exception to some of her rivals comments and will do her responding in the ring.

Taylor and McCaskill will fight in York Hall this coming Wednesday and Hearn, who also looks after the career of Ireland’s other World Champion Ryan Burnett, claims he has sensed a bit of spite in the London 2012 Olympic star ahead of her first defence.

Speaking to Boxing Social Hearn said: “Sometimes in boxing you have to make noise to get the opportunity and certainly Team McCaskill have made a lot of noise over the last couple of months.

“They’ve got their opportunity because she is highly-ranked with the WBA but secondly because they made a lot of noise.

“It’s the first time I’ve seen the bit between Katie Taylor’s teeth where she saw a lot of people talking and said she wanted a fight and ‘This is the fight that I want now’.”



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