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Mayweather schools McGregor says McGugian

Floyd Mayweather will school Conor McGregor in a boxing match, but if the pair meet under UFC rules the Dubliner will beat the American in a matter of seconds, that is the view of Shane McGuigan.

It’s a mismatch either way according to the coach of Carl Frampton, David Haye, George Groves and Conrad Cummings.

Rumours re a clash between two of the biggest names in combat sport has been ripe over the last few weeks and even fueled by Mayweather interviews and McGregor social media antics.

McGuigan thinks it could happen if the money is right, but if it’s a boxing match says there will be one emphatic winner.

“The fact of the matter is that Ray Mercer and James Toney went over to UFC – it’s a nice gesture for Conor McGregor to come and fight Floyd Mayweather in his own profession,” he told Fight Hype.

“If it’s a boxing match I think Mayweather schools him all day long. If it’s an MMA fight or a UFC fight, once McGregor gets passed his jab it’ll be over in two seconds.”

McGuigan added: “They’re completely different sports. It’s like saying to you… a NASCAR driver and an F1 driver. Of course it’s the same skill – it’s driving, like fighting – but they’re completely different.

“But if there’s a big enough demand, I’m sure the fight will happen.”


Integral part of the Irish boxing community for over 13 years