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5 Boxing Betting Strategies

Whether you are a newcomer to the world of sports betting or a seasoned participant, our guidance and strategy pages are designed to cater to your needs. Boxing, once the zenith of global sports, has experienced a decline in its prominence due to the surge of UFC and MMA. Despite its reduced limelight, the sport still offers plentiful betting opportunities. This article outlines five effective strategies to bolster your profits when wagering on boxing.

Ladbrokes and other online betting platforms offer odds and lines on every major boxing event, from the heavyweight title fight to the undercard. These strategies will help you capitalise on these opportunities and take your boxing betting game to the next level.

Unearthing the Power of Thorough Research in Boxing Betting

No matter which sport has captured your betting interest, detailed investigative work is a vital step before taking any wagering plunge. Particularly in boxing, specific research trumps the rest. Beginners in the betting scene might merely glance at the fighters’ records and base their betting decision on that. Nevertheless, this approach oversimplifies the intricate dynamics of boxing matches. It’s crucial to consider the calibre of opponents that the fighters have previously faced, and the duration for which they have been competing in their present weight class.

While it might seem overwhelming to watch every single match the boxer has participated in, the ubiquity of fight highlights on platforms such as YouTube makes this task less daunting. Analyse these fighters and their adversaries, comprehend their patterns, and construct your own hypothesis on how the forthcoming bout will unfold.

Moreover, specific statistics play a pivotal role in anticipating the outcome of a match. One can delve into numbers reflecting how many punches a boxer throws and successfully lands. More often than not, the more proactive fighter claims victory. Thus, hunt for facts about who throws more potent punches and jabs.

Harnessing the Power of Implied Probabilities Calculation

On initial observation of boxing odds, one typically encounters moneyline odds for each combatant. If a bout is perceived as a one-sided affair, the favoured contender might have odds exceeding -400. These intimidating figures can deter even the most seasoned bettors, appearing as an excessive risk. But before you disregard a costly moneyline as an unaffordable extravagance or an unworthy gamble, consider transforming these odds into implied probabilities.

By utilising tools such as the implied probability calculator provided by, you can translate a fighter’s moneyline odds into their prospective chances of victory. For instance, a moneyline of -500 suggests an implied win probability of 83.33% for the respective fighter. If your personal analysis determines the fighter’s winning odds to be higher, wagering on their moneyline may present a valuable opportunity.

Exploring Prop Bets as Alternatives for Steep Moneyline Odds

An intimidatingly large moneyline, despite its potential value, can often deter bettors. However, this does not necessitate discarding the fight as a betting option altogether. Instead, it’s worth exploring the variety of prop bets on offer. Numerous prop bets present financially feasible options that won’t impose a significant strain on your bank balance.

For instance, you may place a wager on a predetermined over/under on the number of rounds the fight will last. In a closely contested bout, you can usually find reasonable odds on whether the fight will see completion or not. For highly publicised fights, it is even possible to bet on whether a fighter will be knocked down during the clash.

Unlocking the Potential of Knockout Bets on High-Favorites

A viable approach to engage with high-stakes fights marked with a steep moneyline is by placing a bet on the favoured contender to secure a victory through a knockout. When the odds are heavily skewed in favour of one boxer, it’s worth scrutinising why such an outcome is anticipated. Is it probable for a highly favoured combatant to win through a decision, or are they expected to demonstrate their superiority with a knockout?

Betting on a boxer to triumph via knockout invariably yields more attractive odds since the prediction is action-specific. Boxers with outright winning odds of -500 may offer knockout victory odds around -150 or better. If you’re feeling adventurous, consider wagering on the exact round the fight will conclude — although this prediction is notably more challenging, it can lead to even more lucrative payouts. This deliberation brings us to our final piece of advice.

Recognising and Avoiding Deceptive Prop Bets

In the realm of boxing betting, the allure of high-odd props such as +2000 or more is quite irresistible for many bettors. An example of such a prop is predicting the exact round a fighter will claim victory, which promises substantial returns. The high payout is justified by the increased difficulty in accurately forecasting such outcomes.

While one may utilise historical data from previous fights to estimate a range for the fight’s duration, predicting the exact round of conclusion remains an uncertain science. If you are determined to place such a bet, a prudent approach would be to spread your risk through multiple smaller wagers.

For instance, you could bet on your chosen fighter winning in the fourth, fifth, and sixth rounds. If any of these possibilities materialise, you’re in for a substantial windfall. Nonetheless, it’s important to weigh whether the potential reward of these smaller bets justifies forgoing a more secure moneyline bet with harsher odds.


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