Pocket Rocket would love to train Irish Golden Boy

Irish fight legend Wayne McCullough and hot prospect Jason Quigley have struck a friendship since the Golden Boy fighter moved Stateside. Indeed, the duo share the same coffee shop Marina Del Rey, however ‘The Pocket Rocket’ would like the pair to be more than just friends and would like fighter trainer relationship with Donegal man. 

McCullough a former bantamweight World champ has taken up training and is working with undefeated Julian Ramirez. The Olympic silver medal winner would also like to form an all Irish fight partnership with Quigley and believes he can help progress the undefeated former amateur standouts career. 

“I think I could help turn Jason into a really, really good pro,” McCullough told Donegal Sport Hub.

“I’ve known him since he fought in the WSB over here. I approached him back then. It was very clear that he had a talent. I saw a guy with the appetite and talent to be a world champion. He’s a great kid. He has the talent to really jump in this game.”

Quigley was trained by his father during, but now works with Manny Robles, who has over seen an impressive undefeated start to pro life for the 9-0 middleweight. McCullough doesn’t want to overstep the mark and step on Robles toes.

“We have talked about working together, but I’m not going to step on anyone’s toes.

“Jason’s got to get the right coaching. I was gobsmacked when Eddie Futch took me on. After two years and five months, he had turned me into a world champion.

“Jason’s a friend, first and foremost. We’re in the same neighbourhood and we hang out in the same coffee shop. I like his style. I’m looking forward to seeing Jason’s progress. He’s in good form and he’ll have to stay active now. An active fighter will be a better fighter.”


Integral part of the Irish boxing community for over 13 years