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Rogan: It looks silly if Turner calls me out then says he can’t take the fight yet

‘Big Sexy’ verus ‘Big Rogie’ is a big fight claims Martin Rogan, but the popular Belfast big man has told Sean Turner not to give it the big one until he is ready to trade leather.

Former Senior amateur champion Turner name dropped the former Commonwealth Champion after his victory in Spain last month and fight fans got excited about a possible domestic dust up.

However, while Rogan is open to the fight with someone he regards a friend he claims they should meet for the Irish the title and hinted that all talk of the clash should be muted until the Dubliner is Irish title eligible.

Speaking to Irish-boxing.com Rogan was more advisory than derogatory and more mentor than antagonist when he said Turner and his team’s shouts for the fight shouldn’t turn to whispers when he offers to answer their bout calls.

‘The Entertainer’, who has Sam Sexton in his immediate sights, is hopeful the man 20 years his junior has an eight rounder on November 7 and then they can look into making the clash between two of Irish boxing’s big men and big characters.

“Sean has been calling people out and I understand that. He is eager to get fights and make a name for himself. He was probably frustrated before he went to MGM with the lack of action and wanted to get busy. I think Big Sean deserves a chance and hopefully one day he will go on to big things,” Rogan told irish-boxing.com.

“I think when he mentioned me after his last fight he might have been jumping before looking. He is an eager kid and I respect that, plus we get on, I like Big Sean, but you can look silly if he you say you want the fight and then say ‘sorry I can’t take it yet’. They have mentioned me on twitter, but he needs an eight rounder under his belt before he is able to fight for the Irish title so it won’ t be me and Sean next.”

“That fight should be for the Irish title and it should be in a big venue. It is really up to Sean’s manager and team to say he is ready. If they think he is then step up to the mark, but there is no point in shouting about the fight and whispering when I call your bluff.”

Once Turner is Irish title eligible Rogan states the bout is a viable fan friendly contest and he spoke with genuine excitement about sharing a ring with ‘Big Sexy’.

“Absolutely it is a viable fight and one that would entertain fight fans. You have the young versus old. The legend versus the up and comer! It has all the ingredients and you better believe we would be both in there doing all we can to win it.”

The first ever Prizefighter champion also expressed some regret he has never buckled the Irish title around his waist. The now 44 year old did get the chance to challenge for the belt when he took on Tyson Fury in Belfast, but felt he was bona fide champion the years proceeding that stoppage reverse.

“Personally I would like to be Irish champion. I was number 1 heavyweight in Ireland for years. There would be noting better than being Irish champion. The belt was vacant while I was number 1 and it was frustrating I couldn’t get to fight for, but we’ll not go in to that.”


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