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The History of Boxing Betting

Boxing is a contact sport in a league of its own, no matter how famous the fighters taking part may be, the outcome of matches can be surprising and are thus more difficult to predict. This makes it a wonderful sport for betting on.

Betting on boxing has been around for about the same length of time the sport itself has, although there was a big resurgence in the early part of the 20th century. Most boxing matches will end with a clear winner and loser, which make it an exciting option for sports betting, with bettors anxiously watching the match and awaiting the outcome.

Many Boxing Betting Opportunities

There are multiple organisations in charge of regulating boxing, and this in turn means that punters have an array of bouts to choose from.

The oldest group governing pro fights is the World Boxing Association, which has been in operation since 1962. Due to a variety of internal problems and a number of political issues, the International Boxing Federation was formed in 1983, with the latter group made up of breakaways from the WBA. Alongside the World Boxing council, which has more than 160 nations involved, these 2 organisations control the world of professional fighting and the various championships that punters are able to lay bets on.

A Lack of Global Standardisation

This want of standardisation is mirrored in the differences in fighter weights within each group, and can become confusing to punters who are looking at which one to back. Boxing betting is obviously more popular when major title bouts are scheduled, but qualifying events are also known to attract a lot of attention.

However, thanks to the fact that champions only bring short odds, it is more difficult to win large sums of money on these events –a big upset is usually required if punters are betting outright, and this means that many bettors are turning to other types of wagers, widely provided for with boxing online betting, in order to win some money.

The Different Types of Wagers

Different bet types for boxing include round bets, which require that punters predict how many rounds they believe the fight will last, or wagers that ask for guesses on what kind of victory will be achieved. The options for the latter include a technical knockout, or TKO, points, by decision, or by split decision.

Bets placed on the underdog fighter are one way for punters to make massive returns, but these wagers are very risky. Bettors are in danger of losing large sums of money betting against the fighter viewed as most likely to win, but, thanks to the fact that boxing is one of the only sports in which a fighter could well turn everything around at the last minute, with a knockout punch in the last round, for example, it is a very tempting bet type to consider.

Punters on the hunt for a miracle may need a little more luck than usual, but it does no harm to keep an eye on the available betting markets and wagering small amounts of money on upcoming matches. Boxing, as its volatile history has shown, requires great bravery on the part of the punter, but offers some incredible returns for those who take a chance!


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