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Surprised Jay Byrne claims BUI are preventing mouthwatering Irish title fight

Jay Byrne claims the Boxing Union Ireland are all that stand between him and a mouthwatering Irish title fight with Dean Byrne.

‘The Negotiator’ outlined how he has offered an Irish title fight on the top of his first ever promotion to a number of eligible 147lbs fighters to no avail over recent weeks – and has been left frustrated by the fact that the one who has said yes and agreed terms won’t be passed by the BUI unless he has a warm-up fight.

In fact, the BUI Celtic champion is bemused by the fact a fighter which such experience needs to prove himself to the Boxing Union of Ireland.

The former Bray Wanderers footballer, who registered a seventh pro win in Belfast on Saturday night, can’t see the logic in the fact fighters with way less experience have been granted title tilts in recent weeks, while a former Irish title challenger who has fought on TV cards and around the world has been overlooked.

The BUI may argue ‘Irish Lightning’ is approaching two years out of the ring, but his fellow Byrne is adamant a four-round warm-up would prove a futile and costly exercise.

The fighter and new promoter also doesn’t see why the BUI are not keen on having two welterweight titles in play, arguing it can only benefit the game on the Island.

“I have asked to fight Dean Byrne, Dean has agreed, but the BUI won’t let that fight happen. Mel [Christle] says Dean has to have a fight before that,” Byrne told Irish-Boxing.com.

Jay Byrne claims the BUI want former Irish title challenger Dean Byrne tohave a warm up fight.
Jay Byrne claims the BUI want former Irish title challenger Dean Byrne tohave a warm up fight.

“Now, no disrespect to Colin [O’Donovan], and I mean that, I think he was fantastic in his last fight with Stephen McAfee, but they are sanctioning O’Donovan for a Celtic title fight for eight rounds. Now Colin has one win, one draw and two losses and they sanction him for a domestic title, but they won’t sanction Dean Byrne for an Irish title?”

“Dean Byrne has a draw with Carson Jones, has fought all over the World has been all over Sky Sports and they won’t sanction him. It doesn’t make sense to me.”

“If they sanction that fight I will promote it and, on the undercard, I will promote the two lads that keep going on about welterweight title fights for my Celtic title. We can have two welterweight titles in play in Irish boxing.”

The JB Promotions boss also claims if there is an issue with him promoting and fighting on the same show, he would be willing to take the fight on an other promoters card.

“I am willing to fight on a Boxing Ireland show for the Irish title too – if there is a problem with me promoting the show and fighting on it. Dean is willing, I have made an agreement with him, we have agreed everything including the purse, but Mel wants him to fight first.”

“I sparred Dean three weeks in a row before the Craig O’Brien fight, we did 10 rounds I have the videos if Mel wants to see them, but Dean will have to put his hand in pocket pay €1,500 to get a win we all know he will get.”


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