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Spike tells Ogogo he will KO him next time he sees him – be it in or out of the ring

Gary ‘Spike’ O’Sullivan was never going to let Anthoy Ogogo have the final word.

After first stating a desire to fight the London 2012 medal winner for name dropping him via Irish-Boxing.com, the Cork middleweight has put together a number of wonderful and somewhat weird videos in a bid to secure a fight with the English puncher.

Ogogo didn’t bite initially and when pushed further did come out and say he wasn’t going to ‘give in to a whiney kid’. Indeed in an interview with IFL TV the Sauerland puncher claimed he never called out ‘Spike’ and questioned the heart of the fighter who will next trade leather in America on September 17th.

O’Sullivan was always going to respond and sent the following video to IFL TV today.


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