“Rounds are for the bar” – Joyce more than content to get the job done early

Getting rounds is something John Joyce only does on the rare occasion he frequents a bar.

To say the boxer isn’t a fan of banking rounds in the ring is an understatement and he proved as much on his debut at the weekend.

The solider went full seek and destroy and took out Patryk Jackowiak within a round in his pro debut.

Some fighters, and indeed a lot of coaches, prefer to bank a few three minute sessions for reasons of fitness, stamina, and learning. However, Joyce is different and was over the moon with the quickfire take out.

“Why do I need rounds?” Joyce questioned Irish-Boxing.com.

“I get the rounds in sparring my job is to get in and win and if I can do that early why not? I hate that shit of ‘you need to get the rounds in.’ I get them in sparring.”

“I would do 10 rounds not a bother to me but I don’t have to prove that against a lad I can just as easy take out.”

Joyce had told Irish-Boxing.com a week out from the fight that he was ready to do damage having been left frustrated by an April 1st fight cancellation and he stayed true to his word.

The debutant put it on his foe from the off and had his hand raised before the first stanza was done.

“If you had of heard me in the hallway before I got in the ring I was like a lunatic. I got in there and I put him down three times.”

“I caught him with some lovely body shots and he wasn’t able for them. I love body shots, I’d fire them all day,” Joyce continued before looking to what may be next.

 “I think I did show what I am about. I hope it was a bit of a statement. This fella had a bit about him, but I knocked him out in less than a round.’

“Hopefully I am out again soon and kept busy. After three or four fights then we will survey things. I want to keep progressing by my third fight I want to be up to six rounds at least.”

Photo Credit: Laszlo Geczo


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