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Rogie wants to shut ‘Tina’ ‘Fatty’ Turner up

Martin Rogan wants a heavyweight showdown with Sean ‘Tina’ Turner.

The real Tina Turner once sang about not wanting to fight anymore but, the former Commonwealth champion and massive Belfast draw is hopeful fellow Irish heavyweight, who he has christened ‘Tina’ Turner wants to get it one.

The pair, who were good friends and former sparring partners, have traded verbals previously and have both expressed a willingness to get it on for the Irish title.

However, Sean Turner needs to compete in a six round contest and needs to have least been scheduled for an eight round duel before he can challenge for the strap.

‘Big Sexy’ returns to the ring in Spain later this month  and will hopefully get a six rounder in, but the fact he isn’t Irish title eligible hasn’t stopped ‘Big Rogie’ from expressing his desire to ‘shut’ the Dublin big man and former Irish amateur champion up.

Speaking to Belfast Boxers the Belfast man said,

“I am back training and I am hoping to get a fight for the Irish heavyweight title. There is a guy doing a lot of slabbering down in Dublin. ‘Fatty’ Turner and I would love to shut his mouth first.

“I will be back training and Tina Turner..no Sean Turner get yourself organised, stop your slabbering, get yourself in the ring and have a go at me and lets see who is the Irish champion at the end of it,” Rogan said at the Richard Wade Photo Exhibition.


Integral part of the Irish boxing community for over 13 years