Rigo will win

4 March 2011 – Jonny Stapleton

Willie Casey is tailor made for WBA interim World Champion Guillermo Rigondeaux and suits the legendary Cuban’s style so much that, the Limerick man will provide with the perfect platform from which he can display his much touted talents come March 19, Gary Hyde claimed yesterday.

The two time World and Olympic gold medallist was booed when defeating former Bernard Dunne foe Ricardo Cordoba to be crowned champ late last year, as fans didnt appreciate his stand off style. But according to the Cubans Cork based manager, Hyde, he couldnt have found an opponent around the world more perfect for Rigondeauxs first defence. Hyde believes the undefeated former European Champions come forward and aggressive approach will play into the gloves of Rigondeeauxs touted counterpunch style.

Hyde suggested the Limerick mans heart and desire are the only qualities that could prove effective in the pairs world title clash, but is more than confident that Cuban has the tools to diffuse Irelands Big Bang.

Willie Casey is tailor made for Rigondeaux. If I was to scour the world for an opponent I couldnt have found a challenger more suitable, Hyde said at the press conference to announce the March 19 under-card. Willie is perfect for Rigondeauxs style. If he had a little less heart and courage that would be more suitable. I expect Willie to come and attack. He will be expecting Rigondeaux to be there for six and seven shots, but Rigondeaux wont be there to be hit. At best Willie will get the odd single shot in during the fight. Like Katie Taylor said Rigondeaux is like a ghost he is there one minute and then he is gone. There will be an early stoppage but it wont be for Willie. Willie might try and put the pressure on but Rigoneaux wont be there to be put under pressure. He will be to slick to be standing there.

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