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Quigley not too quick there is no pay for overtime

JASON Quigley doesn’t believe he needs to bank rounds to cash in on the big boxing prizes further down the line.

The middleweight prospect has only made it past round 1 in one of his four fights stopping Howard Reece , Greg McCoy and Lanny Dardar without having to put his rear on the corner stool.

Some argue it’s too quick by Quigley and he would benefit from the experience that doing the rounds brings. The undefeated Golden Boy puncher isn’t worried, he believes he learns enough in the gym with sparring partners that are tougher than his early pro career foes.

Quigley is happy for Oscar De La Hoya to line them up and for him to knock them over.

“As they say in boxing ‘you don’t get paid for overtime’. I do all the hard work in the gym, I do 20 to 25 rounds of tough sparring with top quality sparring partners and I am ready for whoever they throw in front of me. people say  maybe you should bank a few rounds, but I hurt my opponent and If I gave him the chance to recover one shot could change everything.

“He catches me and I go down things change, we clash heads and I could be out for a while,” Quigley told Highland Radio.


Integral part of the Irish boxing community for over 13 years