Pre-peak James Tennyson able to exploit champ Tevin Farmer’s “weak points”

James Tennyson [22(18)-2(2)] will shock the world and win the IBF super featherweight world title before 12 rounds play out in Boston this Saturday night according to his coach Tony Dunlop.

The 25-year-old faces a slick and ever-improving champion but Dunlop predicts he will have the title ripped from his waist on the big Sky Sports/DAZN broadcast Matchroom show at the TD Garden.

The Belfast Kronk boss, who has travelled through ups and downs with Tennyson, is confident the shot has come at the right time for the Belfast fighter.

“This title fight has come along at the right time. He is nowhere near his peak yet, but I reckon he will win this title and I reckon he will win it inside the distance,” Dunlop told the Belfast Newsletter.

“We are not taking Farmer lightly. He is a very slick boxer and he has done well to come back from early set backs himself. It will be a great fight but we are very confident we can do it,” he added before continuing to point out ‘The American Idol’s’ qualities.

“He is a very talented boxer, very good counter puncher, and he is improving every time too. I don’t know what his amateur record was but he has come on from those early defeats,” added the coach before hinting that they have been working on a gameplan to exploit holes in the champion’s game.

“His main strengths are his boxing ability, he is very slick, Mayweathe-style. He has copied Mayweather, that’s his hero. I have seen weak points but I won’t talk about them.”

Considering Farmer’s style, most are predicting Tennyson’s best chance is to use the early rounds to try and slow the fighter, who claimed the title with victory over Billy Dib, down before unleashing the power that has secured him 18 knockout wins and stoppages in Irish and European title fights.

The size difference between the two fighters has been noted by many, and ‘The Assassin’s’ ability to chop down slicksters such as Declan Geraghty and Martin J Ward has also inspired confidence.

When listening to Dunlop, size and that seek-and-eventually-destroy tactic looks likely to play a part at the home of the Boston Celtics and Bruins this weekend.

“His punching power is improving in every fight. What you seen the last day you won’t see again because he is improving on it. Pound-for-pound I’d say he is one of the biggest punchers in Europe and you’ll see it in the next fight.

“He might start off slow and give away a few rounds but then the engine starts. He has great stamina and when it comes to sixth, seventh, eight rounds he is only getting into his stride and he has taken these guys out.”


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