Mark Ginley pushing on after Deakin win



Belfast’s Mark Ginley scored a second professional victory on Saturday June 25 when the lightweight, managed by Graham Earl, outpointed Robin Deakin over six rounds. Ginley has been learning his trade in the Gleann gym under the watchful eyes of Gerard McManus and Paul McCullagh Snr and showed steady improvements in his work on a successful homecoming bout.

“Everything I tried on the night worked and I felt like I boxed well,” enthused Ginley post-fight. “My timing was good and the jab worked a treat. I got cut in the third round after a clash of heads so I got on my toes and fought smart for the next three rounds to ensure it never became an issue.”

Ginley’s opponent, Robin Deakin, may have a record that is rather unpleasing to the eye (a single win in 33 attempts) but he is the type of fighter that can give any prospect a rough ride.

“People see all the losses on my record and label me as a journeyman, which is understandable,” said Deakin, “but I see myself as a guy who is ready to give it a go and test prospects out – I give 110 per cent in the ring for every fight. My toughest opponent to date was Stephen Smith, he hit hard and I was wary of his power. Ricky Owen was a big puncher as well.

“It was a good, enjoyable fight tonight. I always love coming over to Ireland, even though I can’t always understand what people are saying to me! I fought Eddie Hyland over here and also Patrick Hyland. I don’t rate Patrick and I’d fight him again tomorrow. I was drained when I fought him, after taking off a lot of weight at short notice. Mark Ginley’s a good kid though, we are friends and I’m coming back over to spar with him at some point. I don’t know how far he will go but he does have a good team behind him and does the basics well so we shall see.”

Ginley received a solid amateur grounding in the Oliver Plunkett club under the watchful gaze of veteran trainer Patsy McAllister and his right hand man Jimmy McGrath. Mark’s brother ‘Sugar’ Ray is also still involved on the unpaid scene. A sizeable contingent followed Mark to Craigavon, where Stephen Haughian and Eamon O’Kane were the star attractions, and they gave the Belfast noviced plenty of vocal encouragement.

“It was great fighting in front of fight fans from Belfast I hope I impressed them,” added Ginley. “I was due to be out next month but with the cut I won’t being fighting now. Graham [Earl] was happy with the performance, he said I looked a lot more relaxed and I was sitting down on my punches more. He’s keeping me busy, which is what I want. Robin came in at five days notice and I was due to fight Dee Taggart [who faced Giuseppe Daprato on the show] but he pulled out for some reason and somewhere down the line I will hopefully get him.”

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