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Thai in the camp-Hutchinson warns Doheny against corruption advises KO approach

Not quite a spy in the camp, but Donegal’s John Hutchinson is leading Irish expert on all things Thialand and indeed Mike Tawatchai, the fighter TJ Dohney plans to beat to secure an IBF World title fight.

The nomadic Hutchinson has trained alongside the fighter who replaced former World Champion Evgeny Gradovich as Doheny’s eliminator opponent and has fought on the same card as the Thai.

Knowing both fighters the Buncrana banger believes the Portlaoise man, who now splits his time between New York and Australia, will have too much for Tawatchai when they fight in Bangkok on December 20-and states if the 31 year old  applies his superior skill set he should emerge victorious.

However, Hutchinson does warn ‘The Power’ may have to live up to his ring moniker, suggesting Thailand is not a country were you want the judges deciding your faith.

In fact the fighter, who has more 2018 dates lined up around Asia than a touring pop group, has advised Doheny to go all out for the stoppage in the later rounds just to make sure.

“I’ve fought on the same show as him , he’s not a bad lad but TJ’s boxing should be on another level to this guy. If TJ sticks to his boxing he can out box him all night.  My money would be on TJ all night long , but Thailand is Thailand. It’s not a place to leave the scoring to the judges. TKO is the safe way. If I was TJ’s trainer I’d be telling him to hit him with the kitchen sink in the late rounds,” Hutchinson told Irish-boxing.com.  

Hutchinson knows whats it's like to fight in Thailand
Hutchinson knows whats it’s like to fight in Thailand

Hutchinson isn’t just familiar with the fighter Doheny faces he is also aware of the venue.

The Last Man Standing applicant has fought in the Bangkok arena and warns during the heat of Thailand’s Summer it will be sauna like.

“I boxed at the same venue too.  It’s outdoor and it’s roasting and I mean roasting. You don’t need a warm up, a few stretches in the sun and the sweat will be flying.

“When I fought there I was acclimatized too.  I’ve just came back from Thailand last week it’s their peak summer and still takes me time to adapt and that’s coming from Sydney. That’s the only worry I’d have for TJ, adapting to the heat coming from Boston will be something they would have to be aware of and take into account,” he continued before returning to the judges issues. 

“Again leaving it to the judges is another worry. I have to say the  promoter of this fight  is one of the good ones but Thailand is Thailand and there is always talk of corruption. But after a few rounds TJ will adapt to the heat, find his ways and should have no problems.”

The Phuket based light middleweight has warned about the poor scoring in Thailand and seems to be supporting Doheny, but that isn’t to say he isn’t fond of the country, Mike Tawatchai or the gym he works out of.

“I’ve spent a few camps in Bangkok with this fighter. He is in one the best boxing gyms in Thailand. They are a private gym, a gym just for their own fighters. They have foreign trainers to help bring the Thai boxing levels on. It’s as good as you can get. It’s in a back street with no air blowing around. It soon gets your fitness up, they are a super fit gym.  Like most of Thailand they are welcoming, they all welcome you to their gym they’re 100 percent these people.”

Hutchinson was talking after he recorded the 11th win of his career with victory in Sydney.

Reflecting on the win the popular puncher claimed it was the best he ever felt in the ring.

“Last weekend I boxed great.  I felt fresh, it’s  best I’ve felt in ring. I didn’t have to get out of second gear and I boxed him apart. I just stuck to orders, boxed, worked on few changes we were making in training and it worked well. I hurt him a few times and gave him a standing count , but there was no stopping him he’s a warrior and hard as the come. It was a good night all round. I have a serio
us following here in Sydney the numbers that made the journey we amazing. We took and biggest support on the night.”


Integral part of the Irish boxing community for over 13 years