“Judges in the venue came up to me and said that I won” – Luzoho looking for Quinn rematch

The scorecard was right, but the fighter it favoured was wrong claims Francy Luzoho.

The St Michael’s light welter was on the receiving end of 59-56 Emile Tiedt scorecard after an enthralling and high-paced six rounds with Martin Quinn on the ‘Clash of the Titans’ card last month but is adamant he should have got the nod.

Indeed, he argues the majority in the venue as well as Quinn and his corner knew Luzoho was the fight’s true winner.

Out of respect for Crumlin graduate Quinn, the Assassin Promotions fighter held his toungue for the week after the fight, but told Irish-Boxing.com today that he feels he won the fight and wants an immediate rematch.

“I would have scored the fight exactly the way the ref scored it – but the other way around,” Luzoho said.

“Personally I don’t know how it was scored in his favour. I feel I won the fight even though it wasn’t  my greatest performance. I wasn’t at my best but I still felt that I got a cleaner shots off like. Judges in the venue came up to me and said that I won the fight. People in high places in the sport came up to me and said I won the fight.”

“Honestly, look at the reaction in his corner, that split second between the score being read out and the winner being confirmed, they thought I won. Then they realize ‘blue corner’ was read out and they go wild. The celebration speaks volumes, deep inside I know I won the fight even though it was one of my worst performances.”

“I was riddled with injuries but I don’t say anything about my injuries ,just suck it up and go in but I know even with the poorest Francy, I would say a 20% Francy, I still know that I beat him.”

Like most fighters who felt they were wronged the Blanch man wants the chance to put things right.

The Steven O’Rourke-trained switch-hitter wants a rematch, wants it as soon as possible and believes it should be a clash that features high up a TV card.

“I want nothing else but the rematch,” he declared.

“That’s the only thing on my mind right now. I went into complete shock when they announced his corner the winter. I genuinely thought they were going to announce my corner.”

“After watching the fight back one thing is clear that wasn’t one of my best performances but I know more than ever I won that fight. I definitely I want to rematch but we both deserve a co main event live on telly for a belt the next time around”

Many before the event predicted the clash was ideal for the TG4-broadcast portion of the card – and the bout lived up to its billing.

In that regard it is a fight that anyone would complain seeing again. The entertaining nature of the bout wasn’t lost on Boxing Ireland’s Quinn, who has offered a rematch, and Luzoho also felt it was exciting affair.

quinn kuzoho

“It was a great fight and a great scrap and I am not trying to disrespect Martin or his team by saying I won the fight. I feel I won and he feels he won. The outcome is gods plan,” he adds before sending more respect the way of Quinn.

“I have total respect for Martin. In the ring as a fighter he is a true warrior. Lots of boxers would have gone down from my left hook, uppercut and straight hands during that fight. He got rocked more the once but he stood firm and kept coming. Honestly noting but respect for him.”

Luzoho did look the stronger early in the fight and some have been suggesting, including Quinn, the six-round nature of the affair cost him dear.

However, the man himself has no regrets about jumping up to six in just his second pro fight.

“Honestly I’m happy that I did the six rounds. I always knew I could do six rounds so for me  it wasn’t a mistake. I would have loved to walk away with a win but God knows and my faith is strong that something big is going to come after this.

“The fact of the matter is no one can ever come up to me and question my love for the sport or question my fighting heart,” he continues before promising to bounce back.

“All the greats in boxing have lost and have come back even stronger. They came back and took over the sport of boxing and I know this loss is going to make me stronger and better. I’m going to come back with a mission to destroy. I’m only 23 years old.”

Luzoho admits he is still hurting for both himself and his team, but has found a positive in defeat.

The confident prospect claims the reverse has allowed him to weed out the less genuine parts of his entourage.

“I am glad this happened because it shows me the real and the fake people around me. One thing I can thank Martin for is showing me the difference between my family and the fake people around.”

Photo Credit: Guglielminotti – The Fighting Irish (@ThefIrish)


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