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IABA following AIBA orders- called for a change in rules that forced 12 year old out of National final

The IABA have come in for some major criticism after news spread that a 12 year old girl was ejected from competing in an National final last weekend.

Having fought her way to the her respective Girl 1 to 6 Championship final in recent weeks‘heartbroken’ 12 year old Chloe Black was denied to the chance to compete in the decider.

The IABA confirmed the fact the Tullow BC operator also competes as a Muay Thai fighter meant she was eligible to compete.

News of the decision has brought wide spread criticism of the Irish governing body.

However, it appears not only where the IABA acting on rules laid down by the AIBA, but they are rules the attempted to get changed.

The IABA sent a notice to the Provincial Councils and County Boards on Thursday to remind the rule remains in place.

The notice also revealed that they had raised the issue with the AIBA and had called for the rule to be relaxed particularly in the case of pre teens, a category Black would have fallen into.

The notice sent out reads as follows:

TO Provincial Councils and County Boards

(Please circulate to all clubs in your area)

Re: Other Physical Contact Sports

AIBA Technical Rules prohibit any athlete from competing as a boxer whilst at the same time being a member of any other Physical Contact Sport.  In addition, the Rules lay down the procedures to be followed if any National Federation wishes to register a boxer who has competed in any other contact sport. 

We have been in communication with AIBA Executive Director, Mr Tom Virgets, who confirmed to us that the Rule has universal application, i.e. it applies to all ages.  However, he was sympathetic to our suggestion that consideration be given to relaxing the Rule for younger boxers, i.e. pre-teens. It is our intention to submit proposals to AIBA in this regard. 

In the meantime, however, we must point out that the AIBA Rule remains unchanged. No athlete can continue to compete as a boxer while being a member of any other contact sport. We are obliged to bring this to your attention in response to the number of queries received.

Kind regards,

Art O’Brien

Hon Secretary

AIBA Technical and Competition Rules Page 6

“Individual Physical Contact Sport” means any of the following sports in any of their forms: Aikido, Cage Fighting, Judo, Ju-jitsu, Karate, Kendo, Kickboxing, K-1, Kung Fu, Muay Thai, MMA, Sambo, Savate, Sumo, Taekwondo, Wrestling, Wushu and such other sports as may be deemed by AIBA to be an individual physical contact sport.

While the above proves the IABA may have had little or no option once a complaint was lodged there will be some who will still raise issue with regard how the 12 year old was treated.

Black traveled to the National Stadium early Friday and was allowed weigh in and part take in the Finals Parade, but then wasn’t permitted to fight for what would have been her first Irish title if she won.


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