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I want to knock out ‘mouthpiece’ Fitzgerald says Síucra Rea

Joe Rea has renewed hostilities with Anthony Fitzgerald and sent volley of verbal blows the way of ‘The Pride’.

Rea wants to ‘knock out’ his old verbal sparring partner and has called for a clash on the November 7 card.

The OZ based Ballymena man has previously called out the former Irish champion and king of the call out, but despite the Dubliner offering to grant ‘Sugar Rea’ his wish the clash never materialised.

Fitzgerald secured some big fights with the likes of Andy Lee and Hassan N’Dam and had some high profile derbies with Eamonn O’Kane and Spike O’Sullivan, while Rea has gone into journey man mode in Australia.

However, the 32 year old is adamant he is a level above the MGM tough man and wants to prove it on the up coming MGM show.

“I’m due to return home on a holiday before the end off the year and a fight between myself and Fitzer would be great. I will knock that ugly Dub out in his home town in front off his fans. He is nothing but a mouthpiece,” Rea told Irish-boxing.com.

Previous Rea and Fitzgerald back and forts had more insults than a roasting session- and the Australian based 37 fight veteran stayed through to the nature of their call outs when talking to irish-boxing.com. He labeled the former World number 15 limited and suggested his day has come and gone.

“He’s a over achiever anyone that knows boxing knows he has limited ability. He’s got himself a few big fights and fair play to him, but I think the big fights are over for him now. He was finally taken back down to his level and struggled in his last fight against an English journey man. As I’ve always said I believe he is levels below me ability wise and anyone who knows anything about boxing knows that.”
Fitzgerald, who fights in England this weekend, is yet to be confirmed on the November 7 card, but a fight with Rea would appeal to his loyal following.
Some might suggest with just 10 wins from over 30 fights Rea shouldn’t be the type of opponent the Dubliner should be looking at, but the former Prizefighter contestant is certainly better than his record suggests. When given noticed or motivated he can perform and clash would make for an exciting TV dust up.
“I am active over here in Oz. I do what I do fight anyone at any weight and at any time. Fitzy has move to 154, well that’s my natural fighting weight,” Rea added.


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