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Hogan:Fitzgerald stop the cyber talk and get in touch if you want to get it on

DENNIS Hogan has told Anthony Fitzgerald to stop the cyber bulling and get in touch if he wants to get it on.

The Australian middleweight champion and the former Irish middleweight champion have shared verbal blows via Irish-boxing.com and socail media. Dublin ticket seller ‘Fitzy’ accused ‘The Hurricane’ of padding his record Down Under and challenged him to fight a ‘real’ pro.

Hogan has taken exception to some of the former Andy Lee and Hassain N’Dam foe’s comments and responded.

Speaking to directly to Fitzgerald Hogan told the Inner City Dub to stop the online talk and said:

 “I have said no problems I would love to fight you since I was a kid I have wanted to fight to be Irish champion. I have two fights lined up already in the next three months. I haven’t been sitting around hoping Anthony Fitzgerald calls me out  I fight everyone who is put infront of me full stop. How am I hiding?

“What’s the point saying lets fight and your waiting for me? Are you expecting us to organise the fight from over here? If you want to fight get your team to contact my team.”


Integral part of the Irish boxing community for over 13 years