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27 July 2010 – Jonny Stapleton

Christina McMahon will enter the boxing record books by becoming Irelands first home based female professional boxer when she takes to the ring in City West on August 7.

McMahon, however isnt content with just making history on the Dolphil promoted show. The fighter know as Lightening is quick to point out her pro debut is not a novelty bout but rather the first step toward World title glory.

McMahon may be making her boxing debut but she is not a fight novice having acquainting herself to the squared circle in a distinguished kickboxing career.

A former WAKO World champion, McMahon amassed an astonishing 23 National Senior kickboxing titles in just 12 years. Now she is looking to emulate that success in the pro box game.

I am definitely looking to emulate the success I had in kick boxing in the pro boxing game, McMahon told the Mirror.

There is absolutely no way I would trade one sporting career for another just to be here for the fun. I am not starting all over again for nothing. The aim is to make it to the top. I am very comfortable in the ring. When I am in there I am in to win and I have always been successful. Losing is not something I am used to and I am working to ensure I wont have to get used to it in boxing, she added.

The significance of McMahons debut will not be lost on boxing fans, but the fighter, who is sporting bruises from tough sparring with Crumlins males finest, is just focused on ensuring step one on the World title trail is negotiated successfully.

I do feel its more than just a fight – I have to do women, my country and my club justice. My job in the first fight is to make everyone proud. But I am not looking at this as one fight but the first step to the top. Thats why I am here in Crumlin gym and working with Dolphil promotions because I know they can help me go all the way. I always feel when I get into the ring I am up against it champion or no champion and I get into that mindset and train for a hard fight. I dont see myself as a kick boxing champion getting into the ring I see myself as a boxing champion in the making.”

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