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Florian Marku predicts early stoppage of Dylan Moran

Florian Marku says he’ll sink Dylan Moran within six.

The aggressive and riled up Albanian warns he is coming for blood when the pair meet on the Smith-Eubank II PPV undercard in Manchester and live on Sky Sports tomorrow – and the 30-year-old is confident he will get it because he doesn’t feel the Waterford boxer is a match for him.

He also believes Moran is already operating on shaky legs and thus won’t have the footwork to negate his pressure approach.

“I don’t think it will take me more than six or seven rounds to stop him,” Marku told Sky Sports.

“He is not at my level.

“He was shaking when we were face to face, he tried to hide it. If you see the videos from the cameras, he was shaking his legs.”

‘The Albanian King’, a Sky Sports and Boxxer regular, suggests the Irish southpaw is aware of the potential for a home stoppage win, so will ‘run’ and ‘hide’ at the AO Arena in Manchester.

“He has an amateur style. I know what he is going to do, he is going to try to run, he’ll try to hide from me but inside the ring it’s different. Talk is okay, I heard he was saying I don’t have experience and he was going to outbox me but when we are in there he’ll see what I’m capable of,” he adds before claiming he is adaptable.

“I always find a way. It doesn’t matter if they are strong, weak, tall or short I find my way to beat them. That’s inside of me. I want to win too much for these guys to stop me.”


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