Fitzgerald to use Prizefighter to prove he is best in Ireland

By Jonny Stapleton

Anthony Fitzgerald wants to use the potential May 5 all Irish middleweight Prizefighter to prove that he is the best 160 pound fighter in Ireland.

‘The Pride’ is confident he can win Matchroom’s exciting quick fire all action tournament to ensure he is deemed on a par with world renowned Irish middleweights Andy Lee and Matthew Macklin rather than the domestic 160lbs fighters.

Having heard all the names linked the card the EBA European champ and only man to stop Affif Belghecham is confident he can blast his way to the £32,000 winners cheque.

Fitzgerald thinks he is made for the tournament and is excited about entering.

“If this come off- and I hope it does, it will be amazing for Irish boxing and fans here- there is only going to be one winner, me. I will prove I am the best middleweight in Ireland. I want to be linked to Macklin and Lee and big fights not some of the bums that could be on this show,” Fitzgerald told

“Don’t get me wrong I respect most of the fighters that have been mentioned, but I am confident I can beat them. There are also one or two I don’t get on with. Prizefighter is a tear up and I love nothing more than to get in the ring and go at it. I love watching it and I would love nothing more than to be in it. I hope Eddie Hearn brings the show to Ireland and I hope he picks me as one of the Irish eight. If he does I will win it and then target EBU and world honours. I have seen what winning Prizefighters can do for careers.”

Fitzy wants the Prizefighter Throphy to add to his belts

It is very rare fight fans get’s to see to top home fighters exchange blows, so an potential eight man domestic royal rumble style fight menu has certainly wet the palate.

The pugilist’s seem as excited as the punters and pundits and have begun verbal battles to try and win their place in the eight man tournament- and when it comes to verbal sparring or a war of words there is none more aggressive than the WBA top 15 fighter.

Indeed Fitzgerald has already had a not so sweet Tweet back and forth with Joe Rea.

“Myself and Joe don’t get on and if that helps him get into Prizefighter and sell some tickets good luck to him. It is his only chance to face me. I heard he said he wants me in the first round, well he had better draw me in the first round because he won’t progress past it,” Fitzgerald said at the end of a volley of unprintable abuse.

The inner city Dub also had some harsh words for his usual verbal victim Gary ‘Spike’ O’Sullivan.

“I am raging Spike isn’t been mentioned by many people. Pascal Collins his trainer won’t let me prove to everyone I would beat Spike. In Prizefighter we would have to face each other at some stage,” Fitzgerald added before defending his aggressive nature.

“Anyone who knows me knows I am a decent nice guy. Not to mention all this arguing is not one way. I get as much as I give. This is the fight game come May 5, if that will be the date, we are all there fighting for the prize. We can shake hands after but up and until I lift the trophy anyone in my way is a enemy.”


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