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Dropkick Murphy’s 2016 farewell is the beginning of my World title journey

Stephen Ormond tops a House Of Blues fight card in Boston on Saturday night, but knows he will have to share the spot light with popular band and local hero’s The Dropkick Murphys.

Indeed he is content with the chance to impress a bigger audience as the band play their last gig of 2016 and believes he will move from chief support-albeit to a rock band- to main event in 2016.

Ormond is determined to fulfill his World title dream before the year is out and is telling anyone that will listen he ‘will be World champion this year‘.

However, while ‘The Rock is cooking up a World title assualt he is adamant he hasn’t overlooked the challenge ┬áMarcos Jimenez brings on Saturday.

“Listen this is a good fight. It is an Intercontinental IBF title and the IBF picked the opponent. It isn’t a so called easy fight,” Ormond told Irish-boxing.com.

“He has a good record with 14 knock outs so he can punch. I looked at him a tiny bit- I leave most of that to Pascal, but what I seen he is a good fighter, technical and good defense.

“I am not looking past this fight, but I am going to be World champion by the end of year and I am not going to let him ruin that.”

The Murphy’s boxing lightweight, who challenges for the IBF Inter continental title on a card that includes Steve Collins Jr, Niall Kennedy and TJ Doheny, is keen on the Britain’s current world title holders Anthony Crolla and Derry Matthews, but believes neither will fight him and plans to claim a title Stateside before returning home to try and unify in big Ireland versus England clashes, provided both still have titles.

“I don’t care which champion I have to fight. We have talked about Crolla and Flanagan and the issues re them before. There has been talk of┬áRances Barthelemy (current IBF Champ)┬áthat is one that looks possible. ┬áI know from the fact they picked this guy for me for this fight the IBF are a good organisation and if I get to mandatory I get my shot. I will do my thing in America for now and it will all come together. I think after this fight we will be looking for whoever has the IBF belt,” Ormond added before discussing how much he likes fighting in America.

“It’s great fighting over there. The crowd and atmosphere is great they really love Irish fighters. I even like the referees, they let you work in the inside not like in the UK. It’s the Dropkick Murphy’s last concert, which is a big thing there so there should be a great crowd.”


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