Cummings: Boxing on the box can help me secure huge fights

CONRAD Cummings has a constant desire to impress, so fighting in front of a potential terrestrial TV audience of millions won’t prove extra motivation come February 28.
However, the Irish middleweight prospect claims the chance to leave an impression on such a massive audience can only help him on his quest to reach the next level. Indeed the undefeated 23 year old former WSB puncher believes such a platform will help him secure the ‘huge’ fights he desires.
“The ITV 4 news is tremendously exciting, fighting on terrestrial tv is something you dream of. It is time to show the World what I can do! It is going to be great for getting HUGE fights down the line and getting the people to see them, this is going to help take my career to the next level,” an excited Cumming told
“I always have a strong desire to win and win impressively, sometimes that is my problem. I am too eager to impress. So I’m not going to worry about nothing other than going out and doing my best and enjoying the occasion, the result will follow. I’ve worked very very hard for this.”
Such is the praise being heaped on Cummings from those in his camp, the fight press and fight fans that it can be easy to forget his is a 5-0 160 pound fighter still learning his trade.
Indeed, that desire to impress aligned with a self confidence nearly convinces people he would be ready for European level in the morning. However, on February 28 on the under card of Carl Frampton’s World title defence, Robert Palenzuela comes to town and represents the toughest test of the likable Shane McGuigan trained fighters career.
The Spaniard comes to the Odyssey on the back of a first round knockout over a previously 7-0 fighter, but Cummings remains unfazed and is determined to register another eye catching win.
“My opponent is unbeaten and coming to win, this has made me train harder and harder everyday. I’m genuinely excited about this fight. I am going to lay down another marker and in style! I can’t wait! 6-0”


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