Contemplate the Historic Clash of Burnett and Zhakiyanov on 21 Oct ‘17

Would Ryan Burnett be able to continue the rise while facing Zhanat Zhakiyanov at Belfast? Let us have a detailed analysis.

Ryan Burnett and Zhanat Zhakiyanov are going to the face off at Belfast world title unification on the historic date of 21st October ‘17 in SSE Arena, Belfast.

When Burnett won the IBF version for the bantamweight titles in his last outing, his dominance had left everyone unquestioned. Despite this, the veteran judge Clark Sammartino scored for the visiting champion, Lee Haskins from Bristol. It was later revealed that the judge mixed up for the identities of Burnett and Haskins.

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After the event got over, Burnett announced that he could be a viable threat to all the best fighters of the globe. He challenged not only the bantamweight players but also those of the super-bantamweight as well.

His Kazakh opponent, Zhanat Zhakiyanov holds the WBA Bantamweight Title. So after the challenge had been done, the bantamweight division has opened up nicely. And if Burnett defeats Zhakiyanov, then he would be able to add another golden feather on his winning cap.

Zhanat Zhakiyanov, popularly known as ZZ, is a very tough and rugged competitor who will be rumbling forward to Burnett all night in SSE Arena at Belfast.

You would think whether he has some weakness! Let you be informed that he was dropped twice in the past when he was punched hard by the Ohio man Rau’shee Warren. ZZ was befuddled with the punch, and he roared back to the win.

So when you watch the fight, don’t be under the impression that he would fall in the middle of the Burnett fight.

Zhakiyanov has numerously proven himself on not only his land but also on the hostile territories as well. He has already set some examples like clinching the “WBA crown” with the comeback victory over his American opponent Rau’shee Warren at Ohio, this February.

Zhakiyanov is quite fit and strong but has previous examples that he can get hurt in the middle of the fight. You can often see Burnett landing and rebounding back so that he can stop his opponent Zhakiyanov at round 11.

According to Adam Smith, Sky Sports Head of Boxing,

“We are delighted to be heading back to Belfast with Ryan Burnett, one our rising young stars, and two world titles will be on the line as he takes on the dangerous Zhanat Zhakiyanov.

Ryan produced a hugely impressive win over Lee Haskins, and we’re expecting another exciting encounter against Zhakiyanov in the first unification fight to be staged in Belfast.”

Have a look at the statistics of the two players:

The 33-year-old Kazakh, Zhanat Zhakiyanov has been trained by the former two-time champion Ricky Hatton, in his Manchester Gym. On the other hand, Burnett spent time training himself, first as a young novice and while he entered the pro ranks, joined hands with Adam Booth.

During all this time, they were joining and parting hands with other partners for one another. They have also performed against each other in the ring together numerously.

It seems both of the men are confident as they have the upper hand while they enter the contest with each other. Let us see what Burnett has to say on this.

“I know what it’s like to share a ring with him, but he doesn’t know what it’s like to share a ring with the current Ryan Burnett. A lot has changed since we last sparred for me but not with him.”

Zhakiyanov also has something to say for his counterpart. He believes that Burnett has not changed and will remain. So he has an added advantage that leads him to the claim for his bout. Let us read his word as well.

“Ryan Burnett will not be different from what I’ve always achieved.”

It is certain that this is going to be a match-up which is super exciting and interesting. This is the place where Burnett and Zhakiyanov are unifying together yet parting aside.

Burnett will try hard for claiming the Bout title. On the other hand, Zhakiyanov has to turn the game into a real dogfight so that he has a good chance to get the knickers in a twist.

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