Common Ways to Bet on Boxing


Boxing betting has long been a favorite of professional and novice gamblers.


Sportsbooks are happy to oblige by taking action, with the largest handle usually coming from the heavily promoted marquee matches.


There are various betting opportunities to profit from boxing, but before explaining those options, it is important for you to gather as much information as possible before making any kind of wager on a match.


This will give you an added edge over the bookmaker!


A fighter’s height, age, weight, record, and experience are a good place to start – followed by his boxing style, previous opponents, and overall physical condition.


Now, let’s breakdown the most common bets offered by bookmakers.


Outright Winner


It’s easy. All you need to do is make your wager on who you think will win the match, but make note of the odds as a heavy favorite could mean staking a lot more than the return, which makes it risky if the opponent gets in one lucky punch.


Round Betting


This wager option allows you to pick which fighter will win and the round that he will become victorious. If you like betting favorites but don’t want to stake a high price this could be a better choice with attractive odds.


Method of Victory


You can choose how the outcome of the match will be determined, such as KO, TKO, Draw or disqualification to name a few. However, unless the fighter you are betting on has a strong reputation of knocking out his opponents, this type of wager is not recommended as your strongest bet of the night.


The Distance


If the fight is listed as a twelve-round bout then betting on it going all 12 or less than the 12 is usually an option on the boxing odds board. However, as mentioned above, knowing the stamina of each fighter is key before placing money on this type of wager. This is another example of why doing research is so important before risking your money.




Deciding how many rounds the match will go is usually offered as well. For example, if you bet under 6.5 rounds, then the fight would have to end in six rounds or less to be considered a winner. Obviously, reaching the seventh round and beyond is this same scenario is a loser.


Betting on boxing is no different than any of the other sports; it requires research and knowledge so that you can put yourself in a better position, giving you the added edge over the sportsbooks. This statement keeps repeating itself for good reason.

Scrutinize and analyze the competition, and knowing who is a contender versus a pretender is the ultimate key to winning your bets.


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