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Come home Conor! Sutcliffe believes McGregor could prepare for Mayweather back at Crumlin

The man Conor McGregor has credited with giving him the fundamental boxing skills that have helped him become the biggest name in MMA claims it would make sense for ‘Notorious’ to return home to prepare for a proposed bout with Floyd Mayweather.

McGregor, now a two weight UFC Champion, is said to be on the verge of agreeing a mega money bout with the man they call ‘Money’ and Phil Sutcliffe Snr says Crumlin Boxing Gym’s doors are open to him if he wants to return to continue his boxing education.

Irish-Boxing.com believe that Sutcliffe’s fellow respected Dublin based coach Paschal Collins may be brought in as an adviser if the clash was made, while none other than Freddie Roach claims he has been approached with regards coaching the Dub. 

However, Sutcliffe claims a return to the place he started his combat career would make sense.  

“It would make sense for him to come back to where he learned to box in Crumlin, wouldn’t it?” the two time Olympian told Newstalk.

“Mayweather is not unbeatable. He never was. He’s always been very clever and he has always been super fit. He lives for the gym. When Conor is in training, he lives for the gym too.”

“I would be delighted to see him back here training. I really think it makes sense too. It would be great for Crumlin Boxing Club.”

While Sutcliffe claims Mayweather is not unbeatable and a return to Crumlin makes sense, he admits he can’t see McGregor becoming the first man to defeat the legendary fighter.

The coach of Ian Tims and Phil Sutcliffe Jr also says as a pure boxing match up the clash doesn’t make much sense.”

“In boxing sense, it doesn’t make any sense. But anything can happen in boxing.

“Mayweather is getting old and Conor is in his prime. As we all know, he’s punching very hard at the moment.”

“I can’t see him winning it, but I’ll definitely be shouting for him. It’s two different sports and Mayweather is one of the craftiest boxers of all time.”

Sutcliffe also suggest McGregor, who has sparred a number of Irish punchers ahead of recent fights, may already be undergoing some boxing coaching and while he isn’t predicting an Irish win he does praise McGregor’s skill set and power.

“Conor could be doing a lot of training with different boxing coaches for this already. He’s very clever too. He could be doing it on the sly.”

“The thing is, he could always move around a ring. You can see that in his MMA fights the way he controls his opponent with the way that he moves. He was always handy. He was a very good boxer.

“You’ve got to remember, what got Conor to where he is now is his boxing ability. Most of his wins come from his boxing, that big backhand has put a lot of people down.”

“As I said, in terms of boxing, it isn’t a 50/50 fight. But then again, anything can happen. Someone might slip, someone might fall or Mayweather might decide to hold the fight up in the clinch. All it takes is one punch to land and for someone to take advantage of the opportunity if it comes.”

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