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Celtic Box Cup Results

The Celtic Box Cup played out over four action-packed days in Dungarvan last weekend.

Below are the final results – and for every result from every fight you can click HERE.

Boy 4 (2009) – 54kg
Andrew Duggan (Dungarvan BC) beat Abdullah Khan (Birmingham City) 5-0

Male Junior – 65kg
Codey Manley (British Columbia Boxing) beat Paddy Doyle (St Mary’s New Ross) 3-2

Female Youth B – 48kg
Íde Cashell (Ballymun Boxing Club) beat Tiffany Spencer (Jobstown Boxing Club) 3-2

Male Junior – 71kg
Alex Noonan Carmody (Riverstown) beat Porter Hansen (British Columbia Boxing) RSC

Male Youth A – 67kg
Sonny Kerr (Byron) beat Malo Davis (Monkstown (Dublin) BC) 5-0

Male Junior – 75kg
MJ Burke (Sliabh Luachra) beat Dylan Garnder (British Columbia Boxing) 5-0

Male Youth B – 57kg
Griffyn Gooch (British Columbia Boxing) beat Tiago Viana (João Faleiro BC) 5-0

Male Youth B – 60kg
Jorge Moura (Arrow Boxing Gym) beat Christopher Stapleton (Phoenix Ballyboughal) 5-0

Male Youth B – 63.5kg
Josh Kiely (St Francis) beat Simon Lynch (Treaty Boxing Club) 5-0

Male Youth B – 67kg
Naoise McManus (Drumsna Boxing Club) beat Stephen Walsh (Monkstown (Dublin) BC) 5-0

Male Youth B – 71kg – Group A
Aaron Carr (St Catherines Boxing Club) beat Cormac Slevin (Dungarvan BC) 5-0

Male Youth B – 71kg – Group B
Ryan McConville (Monkstown (Dublin) BC) beat Zak Leonard (St. Mary’s Dublin) 4-1

Male Youth B – 75kg
Tome Melo (João Faleiro BC) beat Jay Moroney (St Francis) 5-0

Male Youth B – 92kg
Micheal Boutenko (Muskerry BC) beat John Phoenix (Four Kings BC) 3-2

Male Youth B – 92+kg
Adam Olaniyan (Jobstown Boxing Club) beat Khamal Momoh (Castlebar) 5-0

Female Youth A – 48kg
Walla Ali (Birmingham City) beat Mafalda Morais (Privilégio Boxing Club) 3-2

Female Youth A – 52kg
Katie O’Keeffe (Kanturk BC) beat Carlagh Peake (Ballyhaunis) 3-2

Female Youth A – 54kg
Milane D’Aurelie (British Columbia Boxing) beat Megan Martin (Ballinacarrow Boxing Club) 5-0

Male Youth A – 51kg
Daniel Philips (Ratoath Boxing Club) beat Martin Browne (Emerald ABC) RSC

Male Youth A – 57kg
Johnny Harty (Portlaoise BC) beat Casey Walsh (North Down Boxing Club) 5-0

Male Youth A – 60kg
Sean Murrey Lynch (Darndale Boxing Club) beat Alan Donnelly (Midleton BC) 5-0

Male Youth A – 63.5kg
Danny Reilly (St. Paul’s Boxing Club Waterford) beat Zakariyya Khan (Lucky Gloves) 3-2

Male Youth A – 71kg
Tadhg O’Donnell (Four Kings BC) beat Peter Lawlor (De Courcey ABC) RSC

Male Senior – 63.5kg
Lokman Benoud (Byron) beat Jaime Félix (Privilégio Boxing Club) 3-2

Female Senior – 57kg
Mimi Flynn (Clonmel Boxing Club) beat Paula Menescal (Boavista Futebol Clube) 5-0

Female Senior – 60kg
Keelyn Mangan (Celtic Eagles Galway) beat Dionne Haniffin (Neilstown Boxing Club) 5-0

Female Senior – 63kg
Ashling Keogh (DF Boxing Team) beat Dearbhla Rooney (Sean McDermott BC) 5-0

Male Elite – 71kg – Group B
Hunter Lee (British Columbia Boxing) beat Ross McAllister (Byron) 4-1

Female Elite – 57kg
Kelsey Leonard (UNIT 3 Boxing Club) beat Sabrina Simmons (British Columbia Boxing) 5-0

Male Senior – 57kg
Leon Davis (Bracken BC) beat Ben Hourican (Monkstown (Dublin) BC) 5-0

Male Senior – 60kg
John Gilligan (Ballinacarrow Boxing Club) beat Kian Duff (Bracken BC) 3-2

Male Senior – 67kg – Group B
Scott Long (Muskerry BC) beat Mikey Broderick (Sliabh Luachra) 5-0

Male Senior – 71kg – Group A
Gavin Bradshaw (Drimnagh Boxing Club) beat Benjamin McHugh (DF Boxing Team) 3-2

Male Senior – 71kg – Group B
Alex Olyunin (DF Boxing Team) beat Cole Maguire (The Hub Boxing Club) 5-0

Male Senior – 75kg – Group A
Niall Mc Dermott (Ballinacarrow Boxing Club) beat Dylan Murphy (Portlaoise BC) 3-2

Male Senior – 75kg – Group B
Paul Mahon (Ballinacarrow Boxing Club) beat Hugo Costa (Arrow Boxing Gym) 4-1

Male Senior – 80kg – Group A
Michael James Keenan (Spartan Boxing Club) beat Conan Heron (Frank Gervin ABC) 5-0

Male Senior – 80kg – Group B
Kevin Osifo (Neilstown Boxing Club) beat Jack Noble (Galashiels Boxing Club) 5-0

Male Senior – 86kg
Sean Trant (Monkstown (Dublin) BC) beat Matthew Mc Cafferty (St John Bosco ABC Belfast) RSC

Male Senior – 92kg
Shad Nasim (British Columbia Boxing) beat Tadgh O’Donovan (De Courcey ABC) 5-0

Male Senior – 92+kg
Temityo Bakare (St. Mary’s Dublin) beat Phelim Magan (Midleton BC) 4-1

Female Elite – 48kg
Nicole Buckley (St Carthages BC) beat Priyanka Dhillon (British Columbia Boxing) 5-0

Female Elite – 50kg
Rita Soares (Privilégio Boxing Club) beat Lois Walsh (Fr Flanagan) 5-0

Female Elite – 60kg
Terris Smith (British Columbia Boxing) beat Carolina Ferreira (Privilégio Boxing Club) 4-1

Female Elite – 75kg
Bethany Doocey (Castlebar) beat Shauna Kearney (Bunclody Boxing Club) 3-2

Male Elite – 54kg
Oisin Worsencroft (St. Colmans) beat Guth Valentin (POING D’1 PACTE 65) 5-0

Male Elite – 57kg
Paul Loonam (St Carthages BC) beat Dalis Gures (British Columbia Boxing) 5-0

Male Elite – 60kg
Sérgio Rodrigues (João Faleiro BC) beat Karl Sheridan (Cherry Orchard) 4-1

Male Elite – 63.5kg
Aaron O Donoghue (DF Boxing Team) beat James McDonagh (St. Paul’s Boxing Club Waterford) 3-2

Male Elite – 67kg
Jamie Long (DF Boxing Team) beat George Bates (St. Mary’s Dublin) 3-2

Male Elite – 71kg – Group A
Cian Reddy (Portlaoise BC) beat Japji Thind (British Columbia Boxing) 5-0

Male Elite – 75kg
TJ King (Phoenix Ballyboughal) beat Lex Weston (Emerald ABC) 4-1

Male Elite – 80kg
Jonathan Hannah (British Columbia Boxing) beat Jason Clancy (Sean McDermott BC) 4-1

Male Elite – 86kg
António Rodrigues (Arrow Boxing Gym) beat Kyle Roche (St Michaels New Ross) 3-1

Male Elite – 92+kg
Samuel Ilesanmi (St. Mary’s Dublin) beat Mick Kalilec (Sunnyside Boxing Club) RSC


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