Casey on Hyland claims

8 September 2010

Willie Casey has brushed aside claims from Paul Hyland that he sees a fight against the Limerick man as a step back in his career.

Paulie said that? Well thats a poor thing to say, I have a lot of respect for Paulie but to come out and say that I am a step back in his career is very poor. My last fight I beat Emiliano Salvini and the EBU have him at no 9, I beat Tyson Cave and he was the unbeaten Canadian Champion, I beat Mark Moran and Josh Wale and their no.8 & 9 in the UK.

How can I be seen as a step back, Im 10-0 and Prizefighter Champion, boxrec have me no.50 in the world and thats down to the quality of opponents Ive faced- Im not sure what number they have Paulie at.

When asked what he thought of the credibility of Paul Hyland’s past opponents Willie replied. I have a lot of respect for Paulie, hes a good fighter and I think hes a good bloke so Im not going to try taking him down a peg – theres no need. If the fight was to happen (between Casey and Hyland) I would be confident of beating him its as simple as that. Any fighter thats put in front of me I see as a step forward and that would be the same for Kiko or Paulie. I wont talk down Paulie because I have no intention of ever avoiding Paulie or anyone for that matter

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