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Buckley wants better fights and bigger tests

A shutout points win on your debut. What more would you want?

Well if you’re Regan Buckley a bit more of a test and a crowd-pleasing affair.

The 20 year old Bray debutant was nigh-on punch perfect on his first pro outing, outpointing Gary Reeve with relative ease on the ‘Celtic Clash 2: The Rising’ card.

However, after the bout, the relaxed prospect claimed he had hoped his opponent would have played his part in making the fight a more exciting one for the fans.

“I am happy with my end of the performance, but I was expecting more of a fight. I was expecting him to come at me more after the bits I seen of him. He ran and held a lot, but I just tried to make it as exciting a fight as I could,” the fan aware Buckley told Irish-Boxing.com.

“I was hoping it would be a better fight for the fans. I want to be in good fights and fights where I can be tested. I want to be asked questions and have to push through and I wanted that straight away.”

“It didn’t turn out how I wanted in terms of the opponent, but we make do with what we have and move on. In saying that I am happy with the win. There are small things I can work on too, which we will do.”

So dominant was Buckley that some suggested he could have pushed for the knockout,  but his coaching team were content for him to get rounds. The fighter himself also pointed out his first ring foe had Bear Grylls-style survival skills.

“I found when I caught him with clean shots I hurt him but he was smart he would go running across the ring or hold. I felt a couple of more clean shots and I might have got him out. I did see him dazed a few times, but he knew how to survive. It’s good to experience that and get it out of the way.”

The youngster was calm and mature when breaking down the fight following the final bell and it seems he brought that demeanor into the ring with him.

There were no pre-fight nerves or debut jitters.

“I was surprised how relaxed I was,” Buckley noted. “I was shadowing boxing and doing a few videos before we left to go in the ring. I was in my element,” he added before looking towards whats next.

“I want to be tested especially for the audience to see a good fight. Whatever they give me I am willing to take.”

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